What happens if we have to split up because of his vindictive daughter?

May 4, 2014

We live in Scotland and my husband has always paid maintenence for his daughter, however last year she ended her mums claim and made a claim on her own.

She is in college till June this year 2014 and is already 19 yrs old.the maintenence options put an order of arrest on his wages because they did not send him the standing order form and despite any calls to them they refused.

This caused arrears and he now has to pay 76 pound a week.it has caused problems and we have considered seperating, I want to know if we do will he pay a total of 20 percent of wages for maintenence which would then be divided equally between our daughter and his or wud he pay 15 percent for his daughter and 5 percent for ours?

Also when does maintenence stop as we were told it’s the September after the girls 20th birthday if she’s still in college.

Her mother has lied about her living there for over 2 yrs to claim child benefit and all their family are lying to back her up. If she leaves college in June we will have no proof of this and her mother will continue lying in order to get child benefit and get the daughter maintenence.

They supposedly gave him a discount for having another child to support but he is paying more since we had our daughter than before due to them taking his working tax and child tax for our daughter into account.

We got a solicitor but the csa wrote to her to say that as child benefit was still in payment they still had jurisdiction, they also said they don’t check with college to see that she is attending but just take her word for it and she has lied for years about many things so we have no way of proving if she leaves college.

Would like to know if her payments would be reduced if we do seperate due to him then having to pay maintenence for another child as we can work out him paying for our daugher privately between us but if I do it thru csa then perhaps his other daughters money would be reduced.

Her dad and I have gave her everything and she has tried to split us up, attempted to hurt our 2 year old daughter when she was only months old and has told is all she only applied for maintenence because the more she gets the less our daughter will get.

We are at our wits end.Any advice would be appreciated.Its not that any of us mind him paying for her it’s the way she has gone about EVRYTHING, the lies and deceipt and nastiness of it all.


  • I want my daughter to grow up with her dad, his other daughter and ex wife have already made things so difficult to the point we have had to phone the police on more than one occasion.I just don’t understand how they can justify only taking her word for being at college, obviously when she knows she’s only goin to her it while she’s at college she’s not going to admit when she drops out, which she will as she has before.and we have no way of proving his daughter is not living with her mother now, can only prove she was not living there in 2012 and 2013 when she was living with my husbands mum and dad.and it’s not like he hasn’t provided for her he has all her life, he paid for everything and when she came to him at weekends and thru the week she never had any spending money with her and the house they had he kept it on for over 7 yrs after they seperated then when he cudny afford it any more his ex tricked him into signing it over to her and saying it was his daughters inheritance and the money from the sale was to go in an account for his daughter, which his ex then later admitted to spending a good deal of it and that his daughter wud not b getting a penny for the way she treated her n her partner.And they are still screwing money out of him.The csa are a joke, he continually asked for the paperwork to set up payments and they refused saying it had already been sent so it was their refusal to send out another one that caused areers, and we genuinely did not receive it.now they tkn all that a week plus an extra pound every week on top for tkn it direct from his wages.

  • jo says:

    At Amanda…..you spout crap! He wouldn’t be able to find out because the child is of age and her data protection comes into play, been there got the tshirt even with my husband having parental responsibility of his daughter, it makes no blind of difference.

    To the op, don’t split up, look at it like this, you only got little of it left anyway before the said child becomes of age where csa no longer in force and if your own child only 2 then be silly to let them win…..your husband needs you with him and not against him. Might be worth keeping on at child benefit fraud hotline and see your mp if payments are unaffordable. Good luck x

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