What happens if the PWC gets a new partner?

September 25, 2014

Hi, I wanted to get some advise on what my partner should pay each month to his other three children from a previous marriage?

He already pays £224 a month as it is but she now has a new partner who works so wonderd if the amount goes down because shes being supported by her new partner.


  • Sharon says:

    Why is it that most females are only interested in bleeding their ex’s dry? I have never took a penny off my ex for my kids. He see’s them every 2nd weekend and im quite happy with that because my kids are happy! i would never stop them from seeing him as it would only break their hearts. There’s alot of so called mothers out there who seem to forget that, and think by stopping fathers from seeing their kids and bleeding them dry is only hurting the father. Well they are wrong! It affects the kids just as much and laso the extended family. You mothers out there who go through the csa to get more money, should just get off your backside and get a full time job like most of us. It makes life alot easier and stress free without all the agro of having to involve lawyers and the csa. I feel so sorry for kids with mothers like this and unfortunatley i know of too many like that. Only one word for these type of woman and that is ‘selfish’ and that is putting it politely!……………

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