What happens if the CSA does not follow procedure?

November 28, 2014

Can a csa variation application applied by the PWC stand if the Csa failed to follow procedure by failing to send the papers to the NRP for his response.

If anyone can give any advice I’d appreciate it.


  • ramps21 says:

    Hello, I’ve had no correspondence with the csa since feb2011 then out of the blue I received a letter yesterday saying that an attachment of earnings has been authorised for £503 commencing December. I thought the case was dead and buried so surely the agency have to write to me first so I can offer a payment plan of some kind? How van I survive losing 500 pound a month ? Would anyone know is there procedure in place where the agency have to notify you before the attachment of earnings is issued?
    Respectfully steve

  • Clint says:

    I’ve been reluctantly paying CSA payments for years now and only ever received paper statements from the CSA. No annual review etc. My salary has increased over the years but again no annual review from the CSA. I’m not prepared to inform them when my salary increased just so they could demand more money.

    So the weekly payments were made again and again, year after year etc.

    My son, (now living a cushy life in New Zealand), is now 21 years old so I stopped my direct debit payments after his 21st birthday.

    I recently received another paper statement from the CSA informing me I was thousands in arrears and that they were still expecting the payments to carry on!

    From what I can find out online, CSA payments stop when the child is 19?

    So why are the CSA still expecting payments?

    Should the PWC have informed the CSA when they moved abroad?
    Should the PWC have informed the CSA when the child left full time education?

    Can someone please help?!


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