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What happens if my son goes to prison?

Hi, could you please tell me if i still have to pay for my child if he goes to court and getts a custodial sentance?

10 thoughts on “What happens if my son goes to prison?

  1. i wudnt gav thort so coz pwc hasnt got him…….n i dont think hes more worried about this more than prison i just feel he feels the ex will rape him for muny shes not entitled to
    ……happens a lot…..hes probly struugling like so many under this agency tbf…. but if at hm pleasure i wouldnt pay her coz pwc hasnt got him n hes not in education

  2. also inform child benefit 8ncase she carties on claiming like ours tried too (DIFF CIRCS) COPT HER OUT CHASED N MONITIRED IT SUDDNLY CLOSURE LETTER duno wat yr ex is like but there all capable when it cums to gettin muny from u……….

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