What does the CSA use my money for?

October 16, 2010

I have two children with my ex partner we each have the children 3-4 nights aweek and have done for the last 4 years. I’ve had the csa taking a big portion of my wages and i dont know what to do as nobody at the csa will give me any advise. I pay for my kids clothes and anything they need for example school trips,school dinners and i pay a friend to take them to school as i start work before 9am.

I dont unerstand why they take the money off me and what it pays for? I would be grateful for any advice as im really struggling.

Kind regards


  • Brokenfather says:

    Is the mother not working and receiving benefits?

    If so, the exchequeur gets the money taken from you and your children don’t benefit at all.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Rob your guess is as good as ours, over 80% of the money this abhorrent mess of an agency collects go's straight to the chancellor !So there argument that they support children belongs in the toilet along with the agency !!!!!!!!

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    As far as I know, once you start paying child support (officially, i.e. via CSA) you're not supposed to pay anything extra above that. This means in theory that you shouldn't pay anything else for your children, no birthday gifts, nothing at all. The money deducted from your wages should cover everything. I know in practice these costs may be less or more in each period/month, like in one month the kids' mother may have to buy a new bed for one of the kids, whereas in an average month she'd only have to pay things towards school/education, some clothes, food, etc. If me and my ex were to pay every single thing towards our daughter as 50-50%, then I could tell you he'd be a lot worse off than he is now. Now he gets away paying 130quid a month and me the residential parent pays out a lot more per month, this 130quid is nothing when I consider childcare costs etc. Back in the days he agreed that we would pay everything half-half but he decided to buggar off so I had to contact CSA to get money off him, money that is for his child and not for me. CSA is very unfair. Some fathers are charged too much money pushing them into poverty, whereas dead beath dads get away with paying nothing or not enough…

  • Lee Hughes says:

    If you are a working mother then it is only fair providing that he has reasonable access (should he want it)to his kids that he contributes fairly towards their upkeepr. The system should start equal, it doesn't so it is no suprise that many will not co-operate.

  • Paul NoEgo says:

    Go and look at this website educate yourself. http://www.deadbeatdadsassociation.co.uk/

  • nicola mckenna says:

    I have just started getting money through the csa from my ex partner and I think the small contribution men make stinks. Where is justice for mothers or even children for that matter. Its amazing that the contribution is suppose to help cover everything the child should need. They seem to get get away with everything and we are left bringing the child up 24hrs a day. Even the cost of missed work hours and up and down to appointments when the child isn’t well can cause a bubble in how much money we have in the house hold that week. I think the the basic living cost’s of the child should be made in a reasonable weekly payment by the father but outside of that things such as loss of earning due to a sick child, expensive school trip’s (i.e trips to France which benefit the child’s learning experience) hobbies(which can be very expensive, including travelling expense’s to get the child to and from where the activities take place) Childcare and so on, should be halved with the father until the child reaches 18 years old. After all if you were still together as a family the expense’s would still be coming out of the family pot and these cost’s would still have to be met. It seem’s to me that even though it takes two people to produce a child the majority of the hard work and expense fall’s mainly on the shoulders of one parent.
    As the single parent who is the main or even sole carer of the child 24hrs a day, we have less rights than the parent who doesn’t have the burden. The law needs to support us more. I am all for justice for father but where is our justice for mothers?? I would start my own group if I had the time but since I am the sole carer of an overly active child, when I do get him asleep in bed I am fit for nothing but bed myself!
    However in my flight of anger this was the only thing i came across when i started doing a little research into justice for single parents.
    Maybe if we all stand together we can get the all round best outcome for our kids and ourselves and as for the main carer’s this could be the start of one of many changes we can make happen if we all stick together.

  • gonk says:

    @nicola McKenna
    Another clueless idiot. You should come to this site more often and READ!!! Most fathers are supportive and want to support their kids but it has to be a fair system.nrps are assessed on net income..the csa TAKE NO ESSENTIAL OUTGOINGS into consideration ie, mortgage,utility bills,outstanding loans (that in my case was brought about from being with the ex) but im left to clear that mess as well.You think that’s fair Nicola McKenna ? travel cost to work in order to pay you…..none of that matters in the csa’s eyes…and what about the money nrp’s are forced to pay the ex….hell…im screwed to the tune of £320 every month for 1 child whose mother took away from her dad because she decides he’s not wanted anymore…my tough luck ahh….but she still wants my money..oh yes..and I AM NOT ENTITLED TO ASK OR SEE THAT ITS ACTUALLY SPENT ON MY DAUGHTER…Fucking rich that is…I know it only lines her pocket and her partners pocket..my daughter sees only a small percent of my money…fucking disgusting.
    so READ Nicola McKenna. we men DO NOT MAKE A SMALL CONTRIBUTION, as far as im concerned my ex gets far too much when you add my money that’s robbed from me to her benefit booty and her full time partners income…whos being ripped off here…lol

  • junior says:

    the best about it is the government don’t make any money it costs more to run the csa than what they bring in so in actual fact we are being double taxed, taxed to run the country then taxed to pay for {civil servants} csa employees wages which is what we are taxed for in the first instance

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