What does it take to get a response from the CSA?

November 10, 2013

I started paying CSA payments 7 years ago. Things started out ok but after having several bouts of unemployment through no fault of my own the real problems started.

I received many letters telling me various different conflicting information about arrears. they contacted my employer without sending me any notification even though I have regularly tried to keep up contact. They then suddenly started taking 40% of my wages.

I have sent letter after letter after letter to try and find out what these arrears are, for what periods and requested a break down of everything but to no avail, no return phone calls ,no letters.

What does it take to get a response from the CSA? It is frightening because it seems that they are a law unto themselves and I just don’t know where I am because I cant get any answers. Will the CAB help by taking on my case.

I once came home to find four letters from the CSA. Each letter was totally different and stated I owed different amounts, when I tried to call them no one could explain this. I was told I would get a call back but of course this did not happen. A complete nightmare. I just need to know where I can go to gain some real support with this.


  • Adrian says:

    The csa have a unit that just deals with member of parliament letters. Go see your mp. And watch how fast they contact you. Also query what information they seeked from your employer. They are limited to what they can ask

  • Lisa says:

    Never ring them only ever write or email them, getting your MP on board can als

  • Lisa says:

    Your MP is probably the only person who can get facts although they still make mistakes by complaining making a nuisance of yourself constantly will help to put things right, we are a group on Facebook called child support agency ripoffs join us we can help as we have many others

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