What do the CSA use to make decisions?

September 8, 2013

Is anybody else in the same position as we are?

How can the CSA/Government justify themselves by using my Child Tax Allowance (which is paid to me for my 3 children) whilst making their decisions on what should be paid for the child.

Me and husband both work and whom are like the rest of England living on the bread line. We have 2 children together and I have a teenage son to which I receive Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credits My husband has to pay for 2 children through the CSA which has only just started to happen this year. Im not disputing having to pay for my husbands other children.

What I am disputing is what CSA use in making their decisions. I do not agree that they should use the CTC that i get for my 3 children when the other 2 mothers are receiving it for their own children. Why are my children being punished and having to go with out in order for the CSA to be self satisfied that they have done their job properly. Can anybody please tell me how CSA/Government can justify themselves by doing this. Also if anybody is in the same position as what we are then i would love to hear from you as i will be taking this matter to my local MP and hopefully to Parliament.


  • Mr.Whitey says:

    The csa do not care about our chidren, they couldn’t give a flying fuck if our children live or die, all they are interested in is their fucking targets and bonuses, I hope that every csa scumbag dies of fucking cancer, I really do, a fitting end to the maggots.

  • jess says:

    If any of the kids were born after 2003 u can demand to be moved onto :CS2 where only his wage is used as it sounds like yr on CS1

  • John says:

    What do the CSA use to make decisions?

    A magic wand and a crystal ball, because they haven’t got a f–king clue what they are doing!

  • Bonnie says:

    This is CS2 , if it was CS1 Your wages would be used in assessment not just child tax credit. CS1 uses a household income and also child benefit of kids living at home. You cant DEMAND to be moved to csa2 it can only happen if PWC makes an application to csa for a new child or a new PWC makes an application to the NRP, in which case all cases need to be on the same rule. However……not quite so simple when they give a FIVE YEAR PHASING PERIOD so that the PWC can adjust to a much lower amount on csa2. Unjust system but just be glad you are not on CSA1 as that is 30% for one child when CSA2 is 25% for up to 3 kids. Good luck but I cannot see this changing anytime soon. If you don’t live together then they cant use your tax credits. Is that an option?

  • Karen75 says:

    Am pretty sure that the CTC are only taken into account if the NRP is the highest earner in the NRP household? If you have an understanding employer or are self employed its easy to make the NRP the lowest earner for the CTC claim therefore not included in maintenance calculation purposes?

  • Lisa says:

    Under the new CS3 if your on universale credit, non of it is used for calculation, i dont know how they work the system, but one thing all people agree on its very unfair for both parties

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