What do I do now?

March 11, 2014

Hi,newbie here looking for help.

I have been paying my ex every week for the last 4 years the amount dictated by the csa reckoner tool.

My ex wanted the payments made to my sons account ( he was 12 then) which I now know was to help her claim benefits.She contacted me and said she now wants double the amount,I cant do it.

I have had a letter from the csa saying that if I do not give them the info they need they will work out an amount but this is the first letter I have had.

I have seen the kids (boy now 16.girl 12) only a hand full of times as she has poisned them against me.

I am a bit aprehensive to contact csa after all ive read about them and trying to talk to her is a no go. What do I do now???


  • Corryn says:

    Absolutely Sarah, there is no escape from CSA! Unless your self employed or on the dole. If you ignore them and they go straight to your employer you will then have everyone at work knowing your business as well, this really pissed my husband off – but he ignored their letter and shouldnt have. They had the DEO in place within a week but luckily he was not assessed as having arrears so it was just at 15% and not 40% (for one child)! Ring them! The new system being rolled out this year will give you the opportunity to pay the PWC directly, without the need to use the CSA, a glimmer of hope maybe.

  • jiminrio says:

    update.I rang cms and it was quite painless!! They asses me at £20 per week more than I am paying now,but take out the extras like unifoem etc and it works out about £8 more,whatever.That was on last years earnings which were about 5k more than this years will be so they have agreed to look at it again once they rtecieve proof from me,not holding my breath thou.
    It will be worth it to get the bitch off my back.
    Thanks to all who replied,did make me feel a bit better about things

  • Gonk says:

    I agree with David….lindsay….the CSA DO NOT means test the Nrp. They take 15% of my take home pay, they DO NOT care about outgoings and certainly DO NOT take them into consideration. As far as they are concerned, the Nrp has no mortgage or rent, no bills to pays, eats nothing, walks to work. That’s how much they means test the Nrp and his ability to pay a fair amount. Fairness does not equate in their world.
    YOU WILL PAY is their moto.
    A lot of mothers use the kids as cash cows and the ex as a ATM machine using the smoke screen ” it’s for the kids” bollocks, its to top up their incomes and new partners income so they can have new cars, holidays,bags,shoes,fags,booze….etc etc. I KNOW thats where my money goes. I KNOW that only a small percent of the £317 I’m robbed of each month for my daughter is spent on MY DAUGHTER as it should be, as it was intended for. Instead it subsidices their income and her other daughter and by the way, who’s father pays sweet f ***k all towards to but my skank of an ex, comes after me for Cm.
    I am not against providing for my daughter, but I am against how it’s forced out of me and how much and I have no say how or even if it is spent on my daughter. If I had my way, the skank wou
    D not get anything from me, instead I’d spend it on my daughter , on clothes, school trips, holidays, gadgets she wants…..anything than have to give it to her skank mother, at least that way I know she’s getting it all. That should be my right and privilege as a father who had his child taken from him because her mother didn’t want him around any more. The roof over her head and food in her belly should be entirely the ex’s problem as far as I’m concerned, everything else, I be happy to provide.

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