What do I do if he argues the amount I should be paying?

December 5, 2013

Hi, myself and my husband have recently separated due to his temper and attitude towards me. I stayed for as long as I could but felt unable to stay any longer,

we have three children ages 2,7 and 12, at the moment they live with my husband and I am staying with friends, I have contacted housing and I am waiting to get a house big enough for myself and my children. I see the children a couple times a week when my husband says it is convenient but as I am staying with friends I am unable to have them staying with me over night at all at the moment,

I have used your csa payment calculator to see how much I should give my husband and as I work 18 hours a week at £6.45 an hour with a total of £116.10 per week your calculator came up with the figure of £12.20 per week, I thought I would contact you to let you know the situation as I feel my husband would possibly be contacting you soon expecting more money than I can comfortably afford, as I have said I am hoping to very soon have a house for myself and all three of my children but whilst they’re with my husband I know I need to give him money for them, I’m just unsure of the next step if he argues the amount I should give.

Many thanks

Donna Hammond


  • jo says:

    This isn’t the csa but a website for pwc and nrps who have been wronged by the csa.

    Has your ex put in a claim for child support with the csa?

    Csa will work a % you have to pay, i’m not sure what else your ex will have to go on if he wants more money as he will have to supply proof. In the meantime make contributions and make sure you get a receipt to show that you have been giving
    money, always leave a paper trail.

    If your ex was so bad, hope you don’t mind me saying, why leave your children behind? Are you even sure once you have found a place he will let the children live with you? Think it might be worth seeing someone for mediation with your ex.

    Good luck.

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