What can my partner do to see his kid?

January 28, 2015

Hi I was just wondering where my partner stands. My partner has a son who is now 6. The last time he seen his son was when he was 1.

My partner pays csa faithfully every month for his son but whenever he has asked his ex for contact she refuses. Is there anything my partner can do?

How will my partner know if someone has adopted his son? He feels as though he’s waited too long.


  • Jade says:

    My partner has contacted her on countless amount of occasions. He doesn’t want to take it to court purely because he wants to sort it with his ex like mature adults.
    My partner was young when he had his son which I know is no excuse, but he pays £400 to her every month. I just don’t think that if he’s to pay she can say no to him seeing his son?
    When he phoned up they made the joke of ‘tell your current partner to become pregnant then she won’t get half as much’ it’s not about the money. It’s about seeing his son!
    he isn’t even on the birth certificate so how is his son going to even know his dad is?

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