What are the rules regarding an NRP having equity in a property?

September 22, 2013

What are the rules the NRP having equity in another property over £65K? How much would that entitle the PWC to? If the new wife of the NRP is the owner of house am I still entiled to claim against in with CSa payments. Please help, The CSA are very vague about this.


  • Lisa says:

    I hope your ex has transferred all assets into his wife’s name, avoiding you is the best thing he can do, greedy gold digger get a grip, he has obviously worked hard for what he has how about do the same, oh do your children see their father or do you just see him as a meal ticket, shame you didn’t mention his name a lot would have helped him avoid Nasty vindictive people like you and CSA who spout nothing but bile, you should be ashamed

  • Pb says:

    Take no notice of the above. That person is obviously a bitter Nrp or nrps new shag piece!!! Lol!!
    Anyway, to answer to question, if he is earning a living from these houses I.e rent or lodgers etc but if he isn’t then no it wouldn’t be taken into consideration. They r only assessed on their income

  • jess says:

    Its ok u go for all he has and when hes homeless and unemployed and only paying u a fiver a week you can sit back and say I did that with a smile!!

    As the csa dont care about the NRP and second families as long as ppl like you have a easy life off yr ex

  • browned off says:

    Just wondering if the original poster thinks her ex. should have a home to live in at all. Perhaps he should sell it and give her half – maybe he could live in a cardboard box?

    Regarding the remark about his new wife – why should she support her husband’s ex. wife? She may be working hard to keep a roof over her head, so why doesn’t the ex. wife do the same?

  • Sally says:

    @ Jo Bal… You disgusting, immoral excuse for a female…

    If I am reading your post correctly then what you are asking is .. Can you expect money from property your ex’s new wife owns?? well I’m very pleased to say… NO!! Ha ha ha ha just saying that to you fills me with pleasure 🙂 NO you are NOT entitled to anything from it..

    I am the partner of an NRP who has ALL assets in my name only and his greedy ex is LEGALLY not entitled to a penny 🙂 we have a beautiful home, great cars, 2-3 holidays abroad a year an his ex gets £5 a week… It’s such a good feeling knowing that we can have a decent life that we both worked hard to get and the CSA/his greedy ex cannot touch a penny of it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    However, you should go and get legal advice… Oh! Wait… You’ll need to pay for it now because legal aid has stopped… Ha ha

  • Lisa says:

    NRP shag piece, credit me with some dignity, obviously an NRP wife and also pwc that would never dream of robbing her ex like the OP is trying to, oh and just to add my husband has always paid for his kids and continues to be robbed by the wankers at the CSA has done for more years than I care to remember

  • topper says:

    @Jo Ball, the answer to your question is as follows, if the NRP is living in a house/home with equity greater than £65k it does not matter as it is his home. If the NRP has personal equity in a property or properties in excess of £65k then the amount is divided by 52 and then deemed as assessable income, so if the equity is £52k divide by 52 (number of weeks in a year) = £1000 of assessable income but in order to get that far you will need to apply for a variation which the office dealing with your case will advise on that issue, you really need to know for a fact that the equity is greater than £65k though.

  • Sally says:

    @ topper… You are wrong…

    If he lives in the home with shared equity it does matter… If the CSA wrongly put the NRP in arrears (as they are renowned for) then the CSA can force the sale of the house ( and have done so).

    If the property/equity is in the NRP partners name (only) the equity is irrelevant!! It legally has nothing to do with the NRP.. So the CSA and ex have no legal rights on the matter. All of this information is for cases opened after 2003…

  • topper says:

    @ Sally, the poster asked about equity and assessments not anything to do with arrears and forced sale of the property. If the NRP has arrears and a Liability Order has been issued then yes the CSA can go for the sale of the property subject to few hoops that they have to go through.
    Two different issues and as such will have two different answers.

  • Sally says:

    You are splitting hairs here topper, dealing with a professional organisation regarding real life situations …

    Th OP is asking (I think, hence my question) “if the new wife is the house owner”…..

    . Either way you are still wrong when you say “if the NRP is living in a house/home with greater equity than 65k then it doesn’t matter because it’s his home”… It does matter!!

    It is not a straight forward question… So it’s not a straight forward answer….

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Jo, I also think you are entitled to the shirt of your exs back too.
    I’m sure your children will appreciate now and in the future when they become parents.

  • john says:

    as long as the house is not in his name you cannot touch it , been there seen that got the t shirt even a section one children’s act case cannot touch it, thank god! the time has cone for all of you vindictive self centred bitter vile PWC’S who cant move on in life (maybe you should have been a better person to be around in the first place) to be given nothing at all The dream of the Csa being a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for you lazy bone idle harassing ner do wells is pathetic, get a job get a life move on ans think of getting some self respect , like getting out of your pyjamas befire lunch time. .. ill never surrender a penny to my ex I would die trying to save it all for my two beautiful happy children who have a mum who puts them first works (oops swear word) and provides for them herself not like the career saddo rx who will never work and thinks she DESERVES a living from me the fat lazy crank!

  • Bella says:

    Lol @ John and Sally – favourite posts ever!

    @ Jo Ball – How dare you? Just, how dare you! I hope your ex’s new partner wins the lottery and your ex decides to go on the dole whilst secretly being supported by his lovely new partner. I hope you get £5 per week whilst he lives a life of luxury. At the same time I hope they put money in trust for your children to give them in the future when they are old enough to manage it themselves when you can’t touch it. I hope if you ever find a new partner he has an ex that wants to take all your money/benefits and makes your life a misery.

    Women like you make me sick, you give us all a bad name.

  • Dolphin says:

    Pardon you how dare you, you evil cow. I DO NOT LIVE OFF MY EX-HUSBAND.
    I have you and your brat living off me.
    I am married to your ex-husband take note EX
    I am your worse nightmare
    Now you pay up and pay us all our money back bitch.

  • Dolphin says:

    Its unfit mothers like you that give us nice kind caring mothers a bad name. PURE EVIL you are

  • Dolphin says:

    Yes you thick cow the penny has dropped now you know who I am.
    I have told you before carry on and I will have you sectioned under the mental health act where you will count the days and nights of the years you will spend in there.

  • Lisa says:

    I bet the OP is some skanky scruff who has never worked but wants everything everybody else has worked hard for, it’s scrubbers like this that give the good mums a bad name, I hope she gets nothing now and her ex takes back his life and lives it up laughing at her

  • gonk says:

    well said Bella and Lisa and Sally
    AND @ Pb
    @ pb
    Who the fuck are you to say such things about anyone replying to this posting.you cocky gobby shitehouse. There…you can dish it out,so can others,quite obviously a man hater like the infamous Karen Bedford.
    @ the author of this post, I hope he sees what your up to and makes it as difficult as possible for you…people like you are the reason people like me post on this site.
    You will no dought come back with additional ” woe is me” sob story and telling me it’s none of my business lol and I’d reply telling you not to air your story on a public forum if it’s noones business.
    Just another money grabbing ex that sees the ex as a means of income and not entitled to have a life after her.

  • gonk says:

    you know what guys
    im convinced some of these stories are posted deliberately just to rattle our cages??
    its staggering if true ? that these people (Jo Ball) actually ask such shit or believe that should have someone elses hard earned cash…HOW WHY WOULD THIS IDIOT expect a slice of his new wifes property..its disgusting…god dam..this takes the biscuit. and is it any surprise that we form an impression of this Jo as Lisa describes when they have the nerve to ask such shit. Yes Lisa sounds to me like shes a freeloader skank that preys on the welfare system to try and bleed it of as much cash as it can without having to lift a finger to earn it. another burden on society that contributes fuck all but takes as much as it can from.
    another skank that believes the ex should be a source of income for them

  • topper says:

    @ Sally, not splitting hairs at all, there are two scenarios to look at when dealing with equity, one will come under Assessments, i.e is there any equity that can form part of a maintenance calculation and the second will come under enforcement, i.e if the NRP has arrears, is there any way to recoup those arrears by means of equity.

    As the poster is asking if she can make a claim on the house that is owned by the ex’s wife, I am assuming that she is looking at the equity from an assessments angle and not an enforcement angle, otherwise she might have said something about arrears, which she hasn’t.
    So can a claim be made against the property, well that would really depend upon how the house was purchased in the first place, if the new wife paid for it by means of cash or mortgage, then no claim, unless of course she is employed by the NRP and the NRP has actually given the money to the wife by diverting income from his business………………………….and so on this story could go, with all of the probabilities sideways movements of funds, assets etc.
    Ultimately as there is little info to go on, most answers will be vague to say the least.

  • Jon says:

    You greedy bitch you have had everything, house, car, furnisher money everything you even made me bankrupt.

  • Lisa says:

    The OP should be fuckin ashamed, she has already taken a families home and every last penny already this new house the family have managed to get is for kids that have been proven not the NRP CHILD makes you sick doesn’t it, tells the CSA because she was married to the guy at the time that the kid was his and proven by DNA it’s not, so now she is after the new house and money that doesn’t exist, skanky piece of shit

  • Macon says:

    The rules with NRP having equity in ther property is nothing do wiith you get a life and stop worrying about what you ex has and the bigest put down is you sound like my ex and remember one day your son or daughter will benifit from what equity there is in the property threw inheritance and if you are still alive I bet you are the first one to phone them looking for what scraps you can get parasite !

  • Sally says:

    @ topper – sorry Topper but you are splitting hairs…. if it were a ‘normal’ company with qualified staff who were capable of doing their job and implemented the ‘rules’ fairly then the answer would be more straightforward.

    The fact that the PWC and CSA staff can (and do regularly) abuse their position and the system means that NRP’s have NO security, in property or in the bank that has their name associated with it!!

  • topper says:

    No need for an apology Sally, all I can do is to put forward my views on the CSA rule book, it may not be to everyones liking but then that is up to the individual reading the response. I have answered the question that the poster had asked.
    Now, as to whether or not the CSA or it’s staff can be portrayed as being professional or not is not for me to say as there are plenty out there that will have differing views and opinions on that subject. I dare say that CSA staff will answer the statement about equity, security in property or bank with a “if the NRP does not have arrears, we don’t have a problem with them” type of answer.
    So I think that we will have to agree to disagree on the topic of equity in a property question as posed by the original poster on this particular thread and I rather suspect that we will disagree on others in due course, hopefully in a diplomatic way : <)

  • Pete says:

    I pay csa payments every month, and I have nothing left over at all. And you know what she has just stopped me seeing my wonderful 4 year old with court injunction, despite the fact every solicitors letter starts with ” we do not intend to stop or frustrate contact” they end with “we are unable to facilitate contact this week”. There is no reason for me not to see my son as she has even stated in previous litigation that my son loves me and she is not worried when he is in my care as I am a good father. So why the fxxk does the government fund her endless attempts to alienate me from my son? She refuses to accept direct payment from me as she states she can’t trust me( although this is nonsense as if I didn’t pay she could immediately ring the csa again and we would be back to square 1). And now I find out that I will be charged 20% extra to have those wankers from the csa collect my money despite the fact they don’t need to as I will willingly pay direct until proved otherwise. Well all you money grabbing evil pwcs can keep your money, because I will keep my dignity, the real victims are the children who will one day see you for what u are.

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