What are the chances of me winning this?

September 19, 2013

I no longer owe anything to the csa the child is now a 21 yrs old adult.The saga last 12 months only and what destroyed me was the “so called unfair 6 month back dated arears ”
they had a phone call from the ex partner in june 2011, and the csa decided to contact me for the first time in dec 2011,6 months later which i knew nothing about them.i thought it was a hoax call.
i always paid for my daughter regular.

but spiteful mom couldnt hanldle it and contacted them for that reason. surprizing me with a £1864.00 bill and demanding it imediately.they took over 50 percent of my wage and ruined me.
can i take my areas back.????

since then i sent them a preconduct court letter recorded delivery informing them if i dont get my arears back then court would be enevitable.
They said no.
what are the chances of winning ? can anyone tell me what are the chances?


  • Fleege says:

    In my experience as long as you have a strong case, you will usually get what you want from the Courts. I took the CSA to court to remove a charging order they placed on my property. As expected, the CSA sent an unprepared Court Presenting Officer, who didnt know the law, nor the case and I won. I wouldn’t hesitate to put them back in Court as I find this is the only way to reach a fair outcome – relying on the CSA to do anything fairly or thoroughly is a waste of time.

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