What are my options now I’m being made redundant?

July 16, 2014

Briefly,was with CSA (HORRID EXPERIENCE) and managed to negotiate my ex away (basically I took on a load of debt),made a priovate agreement.Now I may be losing my job and due redundancy.

Amount would be enough to clear all my debts and leave me with a sum to live on for approx a year while i find new job.(touchwood) If this happens my questions are-

a) If she goes to csa prior to redunadancy and I receive a lumps um on my pay slip can she touch it?(im told she can touch anything above the 30k tax free bit!)If so on what terms -ie 20% for two kids less a seventh?
b) If she goes to them after I finish and I am redundant,can they still ask for two months pay slips and take a portion of my lump sum?

Common sense says they shouldnt as it isn’t income and I need to live but when did that stop these people?

I have no intention of reneging on our agreement if I get another job and every intention of putting money aside for the kids as it would be my only opportunity to do so.Would be nice to know I could give them a lump sum each when they are 18 and I would also take them on a great holiday but after three months if I dont have a job I would have to review it.

She has an income of over £200 per week more than me so could survive without it but right now I feel over a barrell.

Can anyone tell me categorically where I stand please?

All help appreciated.


  • Martin Collins says:

    Hello I have just been told that I’m about to be made redundant. I currently pay my ex wife an agreeded voluntary sum for my daughter each month based on the online Maintenance options calculator.
    I have already found a new job but the job is less well paid. I informed my ex that this would mean that the ongoing maintenance would be less.
    She asked if I would be using any of my redundancy to make up the short fall in the payments I told her no as this would be used to pay offf my mortgage to alleviate some of the short fall in my new lower salary and help me set up a pension for myself. Along with the maintenance I also pay her £50 month towards a pension for her!
    Is she legally entitled to any if my redundancy monies?

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