We’ve had a bill for £43,000 even though we all live together

August 11, 2013

A first probably! but myself and my partner live together with our son and daughter as a family and have done so for the past 12yrs , it’s been 12 yrs of hell , my son was born in 1995 for the first six yrs of his life myself and my partner never lived together as he had alcohol problems at the time ,

I recieved income support , dss had visited my partner at work ,and made him sign forms that he would pay me a set amount of maintenance and the amount he payed me weekly was taken out of my benefits, problem started when we moved in together.

A bill came from CSA for £43,000 for our son who lives with us! We’ve tried everywhere for help even though we all live together they still wanted it ,they take £100 every week from my partners wages leaving us less than £200 to pay rent, food,council tax ect,

I’m in debt everywhere and nobody can do anything, been to court ,the judge was appalled but powerless ,my partner now suffers with severe depression, my son who’s now 18 has never been on holiday ,neither has my daughter, weve lived on the breadline for 12years weve had to pay them for the past 12 years ,is it not true that CSA is for the benefit of the child ?

Even though I’ve never had a penny of maintenance off them ? And my kids have truly suffered and according to CSA hes still got 3urs to go, it’s totally ruined our life .


  • Sally says:

    Hi Mandy … I would suggest you speak with your local MP and get incontact with NACSA as they will be able to give you sound advice… I have added a link to their page. You should also read their success stories…

    Good luck and please keep us posted…


  • jo says:

    I would defo see your mp on this. 43,000 sounds alot for 6 yrs, what was your hubby’s wage and outgoings from back then? I would establish if the figures are even correct!

    Csa are relentless and policy on lifting children out of poverty….bollocks!!

    Good luck

  • Mandy roberts says:

    Yeh seriously good idea i dont see satisfaction csa staff get but they do seem to love the fact that
    They have totally ruined our lifes,i do know that
    When my partner had a breakdown lost
    His job a few years ago we had to make a
    Claim for a few months and csa never took
    A penny, ?? , lol .

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