We’ve done nothing wrong but the CSA are hounding us for money

September 29, 2013

We have been paying the csa without fail for my partners 2 children. one whom he has not seen for over 10 years as the then girlfriend ran off with another man whom she has now married and has other children with.

this woman has stalked him for years and has stalked my daughter through Facebook . The other plays games using the son as a weapon, we have this son every weekend and pay for all sorts for him. we have mow received a letter from the csa saying we owe £570 and some change for arrears for the mother of the son we have every weekend. ???

we have done nothing wrong and we have received numerous letters saying that originaly we owed £102.79 then when i queried this they then came back with this.figure. another part is that my bank last month august 2013 sent 2 maintenance payments by mistake to which they have taken and still say we owe the £570 in back charges.

we also have toover from our rented accommodation as the land lord is selling the property. so not only do we face being homeless we also have the csa chasing us for unjust miscalculatons on their.part. this is destroying us and we are confused and angry and scared about our future as a family. please can you help us .


  • D says:

    Write in to complaints at the CSA and then write to the ICE they will look into your case and find out why you even have arrears. The CSA are well known for making up arrears don’t let them, keep complaining. Best of luck

  • jo says:

    Make an appointment to see your mp asap, ICE will not look into a complaint until every avenue has been exhausted.

  • Someone says:

    In all likelyhood the previous caseworker calculated your arrears incorrectly, when you challenged that figure, a full breakdown on your case was done…and an accurate arrears figure was calculated. You played roulette…and you lost this time.

    Contact the CSA, ask for a full account breakdown from the case start (will display all Assessments, charges and payments you have made) so you have a solid understanding of the financial side of the case.

    Also contact complaints immediately to let them know you are disputing the arrears (you have 28 days from the date of a decision to challenge it, after that…no recourse), if the breakdown is accurate you can always withdraw the complaint, but if there is something about it that doesn’t add up, you won’t have lost your opportunity.

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