We’re suffering due to a lie 17 years ago

February 15, 2014

My partner is a wonderful man 17 years ago he was in a relationship for 7months with a female who said she was not able to have children i.e hysterectomy when their relationship was finishing she said she was pregnant ??? And if he let her she would take every penny of him … He works offshore !!!

Baby was born DNA proved he was the father she has never let him c the said child !!! He was not happy about her deceiving him devastated Why is ok for women to lie and try to trap and ruin men … I have 2 kids and we are trying for our own child !!! And he has always paid about 800 pm then she found out she would get less as he wasn’t with his parents no more and living with me and my two kids so she did the 13 wk loophole We have 1100 pm to pay on rent alone we cannot afford the 500 they are saying he has to pay what can we do ???

A woman lies in a 7 month relationship and her greed is gonna have me my wonderful partner and my two kids to suffer please help !!! We just can’t afford this



  • Zux says:

    once you will have a child of your own with your partner – CSA should re-assess the claim ; forts of all reduce it and send it to the new scheme which will be between 5% -15% of wages only equally divided between all kids
    check out the https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-child-maintenance/y
    hope this will be easier

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