We’re having money taken but the CSA won’t tell us what for!

May 16, 2014

My husband got his payslip today and saw a strange deduction of 2/3’s of his salary. He rang payroll to be told it’s a court order for maintenance from CSA!!

He doesn’t know of any children and when he rung the CSA they wouldn’t tell him anything without a reference number!

How can this happen without any notice?

We can’t pay our bills this month and the stress is causing so much friction! Anyone else had a similar problem?


  • Bill says:

    If he gives the CSA his national insurance number, date of birth and name of his employer they should be able to answer any queries.
    Failing that obtain the reference number from payroll, it should be on the instructions they received.
    They are not allowed to take more than 40% of his net income nor are they allowed to submit a deduction of earnings order if they have never contacted him previously.
    Write a letter of complaint immediately and send it recorded delivery telling them you require a reply within 7 days.

  • jo says:

    See your mp, your husband should have had paperwork and chris is right, the csa need to know for certain they have the correct nrp and technically your husband can have his employer for a data protection breach. Your husband can also request paperwork from his employer of what the csa have sent them which will have reference numbers on it. Best of luck.

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