Welcome to hell, CSA Hell!

March 4, 2008

This website has been created as a resource and guide to dealing with the child support agency in the UK. I’ve had numerous dealings with them myself, as have a great many people I know and everyone has a similar harrowing story to tell. The CSA have lied to parents, shown unrivalled levels of incompetence and stolen money from people who simply do not owe it.

If you have a problem with the CSA, please feel free to register on this website and post your story direct. We’ll feature any and all correspondence from parents trying to get justice from the child support agency, whether you’re a resident parent unable to get your money or a non-resident parent being persecuted for money you don’t owe or can’t afford.

Tell us now and together we can expose this CSA Hell.


  • Foreverskint says:

    Attention everyone,

    Please Sign the E-petition that is on “the child support agency” thread …. It’s a brilliant idea .

  • Foreverskint says:

    http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk…….thread posted by CSA R Bullies, I think you’ll agree, a brilliant idea!!

  • j says:

    Hi Michael
    You already have my story, sad and pathetic as it is. I lost my job and have not worked for 5yrs thanks to the csa. (not paid any tax either ian duncan smith you moron) Still in and out of court, still fighting, I wasnt working so dont owe it, they are relying on ‘procedure’ to come after me even though they have failed to follow procedure themselves. All because I have a house so I’m just a cash cow to be milked by them.
    The site is good and has helped a bit so thanks. some good commentators on here (as well as some nasty stalkers who follow you around if they dont like your posts, weirdo’s)
    Keep up the good work.

  • sew says:

    its been 12 weeks since 7 appeals have gone to the county court and no word of a date to get the liability orders stopped under article 6 human rights a right to a free and fair trial the clerk to the court even call the csa a prosicuter they know there time is up its so corupt that when you ring them there still telling you you can go to prision there so desperate the staff are prepared to lie watch this space

  • Macon says:


    Never give up it took me 18 months , MP ,data protecting doctored and threatened with prison , i begged to be sent to prison as I fully intended to go on hunger strike as wanted publicity for Csa theft by deception and would you believe it they closed my case , my battle is won but waiting on fictitious arrears bring it on take the fight to these parasitic criminals !!!!!

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