Wealthy ex gets away without paying

July 20, 2011

My soon to be ex has not paid for our 12 year old son for nearly 2 years now. My son cant stand him and refuses to see him since he assulted my partner. Me and the kids had to leave him as he was violent. I am working full time and other than having a son i have a 17 year old daughter in college to look after, i and my solicitor have contacted the CSA numourous times and they are still telling me he does not have to pay, when i have told them everything about him and handed them the papers im using in the divorce. He drives a jaguar,drives a buggie, has his own site selling biggies and sells gadgets on ebay, he has a 15 grand pension and earns 70 odd grand a year.

Check out his site – http://www.hitechsupplies.co.uk – now ive told the CSA about his web site, and they still say that he does not need to pay.

He is constantly sending my son things through the post like presents, cheques for my sons savings account and letters saying he loves him and misses him, but non of that stuff is going to feed him and clothe him. I dont know what to do now, it is really stressing me out and mskihg me feel depressed


  • karen bedford says:

    Your Solicitor needs to chase this up and you need to chase your solicitor up

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