We were just laughed at by the CSA

June 17, 2014

My partner earns approx £1150 per month, we both pay £450 to cover the rent and bills per month. He was disputing the claim for CSA because he was with his ex for the first two years of the claim and after that he was in full time education for a further 2 years.

However the CSA has disregarded all that and has gone ahead and instructed his place of work to take £490 out of his wages per month.

He has a credit card and phone bill to pay as well will leave him with less than £100 to live on for the month. He rang them up to say he simply can’t afford that amount and was laughed at.

We are now having to move into shared accommodation, he would be better off on benefits. How is this allowed to happen?!


  • derek miller says:

    they are only allowed to take a maximum of 40% of net pay. plus if you state you are unable to live and keep at them they will drop the recovery rate to 30%. good luck

  • Tazaroo76 says:

    Join the Facebook group Child support agency ripoffs, the admin will give you sound advice & they have letters you can write to complain x

  • melanie parton says:

    tried to do same to us we dragged em to tribunsl n proved there lying waiting to go bk again they fi ally admitted they messed up big time but still havnt dun anything about it total is still wrong cant wzit to go bk to court……compensation me thinks

  • Gonk says:

    @ Amanda Johnson and Tasha Price and all you other woman that think we are moaning about being so hard done by and bitching for no reason.
    This post is a classic example of WHY I hate this agency. They just laugh at us.
    And @ Gail Newman…fair play to you, a decent pwc that can see this agency for what it is. The Nrp is being fleeced by this bottom dwelling pond life. NRP’s can’t have a life after the ex because they think some how they are the only people that should be provided for and take the attitude, ” F…k his new life and new children”
    Wankers all of you who think like that.
    For example…how’s it fair that my ex runs off with another man,takes my child with her, works full time, gets child tax credits, her partner works full time and I am still bled £300 a month that tops up their income. Why is this not means tested and her and his income taken into consideration? How’s this fair? And before you lot of NRP haters open your mouths…firstly I do not object to supporting my child, but I should have some control on how and what my money is spent on. Secondly, a moral issue as far as I am concerned. When a wife walks out on a husband to be with another bloke that also goes out of his way to break up a family. Then HE should support them both, HE wanted my wife and therefore should take responsibly for her kids as well. Hell he walks into a ready made family and the f….king silly sod ex pays the twat for taking his family PMSL …..nice little set up….the pair of them are laughing their arses off at twats like me and with full support of this vile agency

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