We need to think of a way to beat this system – any ideas?

September 8, 2013

My partner has been paying child support for 18 years.he was sixteen condom broke woman was older than him and parents forced him to marry her.

Had another kid unplanned she said she was on the pill. Then the wife ends up becoming lesbian and leaves. He has to pay child support for the two kids. Then he has new relationship with her two months she says she on contraception pill and nec minute she pregnant: so he does right thing stays with her.

Couple years down track another unplanned pregnancy to her that he didnt want but she kept. There relationship was terrible so he left her.now he was lucky to be making 50 grand and I say lucky a year when he separated from her. He meets me and we have been together 7 years. I have 5 children to previous relationship.

They have wanted 28 percent of his income while we’ve been together not even caring that we have five kids to support rent to pay and his ex has a new partner and she has a good job and they are off holidaying in Bali with our child support money while we can barely afford food.and still the kids ask him for money and want stuff.

She cut contact so he sees his kids next to never. My two oldest have grown up moved out his two oldest grown up gone there own way so now ma and my partner mike have three kids living with us ages 15,13and 8. He pays for two children 15 and 11. Now I get a child support payment from my ex for three kids it’s $179 a month. He pays $1380 a month. I don’t see how this is fair at all. Im not working due to medical reasons so we only have his income. She is a midwife abd her new partner is in IT and earns quite alot and has no children.

So they have two incomes only two kids and we have three kids one Income and high living costs. I don’t see how this is fair at all. I’m so over it.

We are not self employed but I’m trying to think of a way to beat this shitty system.maybe starting up on business and seeing if his current boss would employ him as contractor another words employ the business not him. Or go change his name by d pol: otherwise we gonna have to move far away where they can’t get us but really don’t wanna do that. Any ideas anyone????? Desperate as right now


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