We need to fight against the CSA

May 14, 2011

I recently sent you our story (dyslexic man) I have since been reading other peoples stories and the main theme seems to be the injustice and unfairness of the CSA. This website is brilliant but I would like to do more about changing the legislation and it seems to me that this sight would be a good way of having a voice and galvanizing people into action and having a voice against the CSA.

Surely if everyone with a story was to get in touch with their local MP and organised a petition to No 10 then we will start to get our voices heard. The other point that has come across loud and clear is that most people want to pay but they want to pay a fair amount and not be threatened and criminilised by this agency that has too much power and can make our lives such a misery.

What next CSA HELL I want to FIGHT!!!

Please get in touch and see if we can stand together and get our voices heard.


  • Kate says:

    I agree, I the started a petition at the website address below.
    I have also contacted my local MP and her PA said she has read my story and wants to help.. Hopefully she will be in touch soon.

  • michael & sarah briers says:

    our mp has taken on our case and all communication goes through his office Andrew Percy & Rob Waltham have been fantastic and saved us from complete breakdown im not exaggerating they nearly broke us we still dont have much money & still waiting to sort out payments as they are taking more than we can afford & no one else wants to know about it ! we both work hard to keep our family while his lazy ex gets benifits & can afford holidays etc ,system sucks

  • John says:

    I have been fighting them on my own for 11 years. I have recently written to Cameron,Clegg and Ducan Smith for the third time. I have written to CMEC. 3 page letter!

    The CSA is not fit for purpose and the legislation is flawed! Why is it that there are some who pay and plenty who do not pay? That is discrimination!

    £3.7 billion remains uncollected and yet this lot keep coming back to me for more and more, because I am an easy target and it’s too difficult to chase the ones who do not pay! Millions spent on failes IT systems and we are paying for it!

    I have all ready paid tax and NI contributions for 35 years, that provides for Education, NHS, Benefits etc. Why am I being asked to pay into the system again?

    Over 11 years the CSA have caused me horrific stress. They are incapable of doing the simplest of tasks. All they are interested in is performace pay and bonuses, with their gold plated pensions!

    I sincerely hope that there is a successfull legal challenge on the basis of a right to a private family life and discrimination. I will then be suing the CSA for all the money that they have stolen from me!

    PS. My useless M.P. Shaun Woodward, washed his hands of my case. he was too busy counting his expenses!

  • Anthony says:

    I will gladly sign that petition.

    The CSA are a thorn in the side of Great British Justice. There is no justice with CSA, only economics and a completely callous, manipulative, bullying organisation that seem so utterly incompetent at times it is a joke.

    Every public service in the country is measured by performance indicators and I would love to know what the CSA’s are. Organisations have some big idea’s but they forget that they are staffed by the little people, so what gets done the most? The smallest, easiest pickings of course. Not the really worthy causes, the NRP’s who avoid supporting their kids at all cost, no. They go after the easiest to track and hack us down with a rabid like vengeance.

    When was the last time you heard a praiseworthy story about the CSA? Never.

    I was paying my ex via standing order due to a mutually agreed consent order until the CSA called me and said they had reassessed me and I now owe them arrears! How could I be in arrears when I never defaulted?

    Furthermore, because I moved out of the North West into London I get paid London weighting. Why? Because London is so damned expensive to live. I still make every effort to see my kids at least once a month but it is harder and obviously costs me more, so guess what? The CSA have ruled out any shared care and I have been ordered to pay the full amount, backdated, and they include the London weighting part of my salary, which means I cant even afford the petrol to get back to see them anymore.

    YES my friend I will sign that petition, and I would gladly deliver it by hand.
    All those in favour, say AYE!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    The CSA has been a complete disaster since day one. The entire thing was based on fraud and theft, taking exorbitant amounts money from fathers and using that money to pay their own salaries and bonuses instead of it being forwarded onto the resident parent and the children.

    MPs have messed with it, done changes, yet it is only since 2010 that the money collected has to be forwarded on to the resident parent. They have also kept making up the amounts due and posted billions as so-called arrears. Even the Auditor General agrees that every year since its inception the arrears shown in their accounts are fictitious.

    And, now there is a complete review and consultation into the CSA in progress but is anything good likely to come out of it? I don’t think so! There is only one solution and that is to shut it down once and for all.

  • bri says:

    Hi All

    Please read this and I really do think we must take action.


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