We need new laws to stop absent parents playing the system

March 10, 2015

My ex husband has re married, he has been dodging csa payments for years and owes me a bit of arrears, every time the csa catch up with him he leaves his job so he doesn’t have to pay.

He has now set up a new business with his new wife but has put everything in her name so he still doesn’t have to pay, surely something can be done about this.

He wanted our children as well but doesn’t want to support them, im finding it very frustrating that the csa cant do anything, im also the one having to notify them every time he gets a new job, and the time they get round to contacting him he leaves.

I think new laws should be brought in to stop absent parents being allowed to do this, its costing me a fortune just to keep ringing the csa for updates, i have now given up all hope of ever seeing any monies i am owed, i find the csa completely useless and a waste of money.


  • gonk says:

    Jason Spurgeon on March 10th, 2015 1:42 pm

    In many cases (not necessarily this one) if greedy mothers started accepting reasonable amounts of money privately instead of going through the CSA the children would get the best of both parents. Unfortunately, greed by mothers puts fathers into poverty because they do not have the capacity to be reasonable , and so children lose out and are further alienated against the father.

    Well said Jason..indeed this sums up the csa.

    Cathy Lynch on March 10th, 2015 2:57 pm

    in most cases if the csa arent involved the father WONT pay!!!!!

    You Cathy are talking garbage.

    to the author Kerry..firstly..its not YOUR money its your kids. Secondly, maybe your ex is well aware how the csa operate and how heavily biased it is in favour of the pwc. Maybe he knows if they get their claws into him, his life will be ruined by them. sadly so many fathers do not trust and fear the csa and a lot of the greedy mothers that use them. I am not condoning idiot fathers that go out of their way to avoid paying, but the csa is a evil unfair agency that does not give a shit about the kids and even less about the fathers of those kids.

  • Kerry 1003 says:

    to gonk- i know the money is not for me its for my children, its figure of speech, can i add i go to work also to support my children, and the csa was not biased at all, all he had to pay me was £26 per week for 2 children, i have had to go through the csa as he would not agree to pay anything towards their upkeep, he also chooses not to see his children, i have never stopped him, arrangements were made and he never turned up, his new wife also told my daughter on a social network site that they will make sure they never pay any child maintenance for her or her brother, my daughter has a copy of this, but still the csa say they cannot do anything, where is this fair, i applaud fathers/mothers that do support their children, my ex husband is one of them idiot fathers that avoids paying and now he has a idiot wife who is helping him do so. Im a fair person and would even take £10 a week to clear the arrears, anything that would help my children financially through college, im just proud of the way my children have turned out and they know that i do my best to provide for them because their father doesn’t.

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