We may lose everything but the CSA just doesn’t care

August 10, 2013

My husband has just had a letter from the CSA demanding arrears of maintenance of £4300 from over 13 years ago.

We paid every payment owed to the CSA weekly which ended in 2006 as my husbands daughter is now 24yrs old! The arrears were being paid off through a court order in our weekly payment.

My husband went to court to sort the arrears out, when he was there it was settled out of court so he never actually went into court. The arrangement was to pay off the arrears in the weekly CSA payment which we did for the next 6 yrs until his daughter was 18.

We had a letter to say the case was closed and we owe no more money. Now over 7yrs after that letter we are getting demanding letters for the arrears of £4300 that they say we never did pay!

The only evidence we have are the payslips we used to pay the weekly amount at the post office but no other letters or correspondence as it was so long ago and his daughter is 24yrs old. After reading everyone’s comments on many websites it sounds like we do not have a leg to stand on and will end up paying it again as the CSA do not listen to you.

They are threatening him with at attachment of earnings of up to 40% of his wages. If this happens we will not be able to live, it will kill us as we are on a very low income anyway.

We are expecting a baby in 2wks as well and the stress is just awful, we are now scared we will lose everything as the CSA just does not care.

Please someone help as I spend most of my days in tears at the moment and this should be a nice time looking forward to our baby. It seems it doesn’t matter if you do the right thing and pay everything you are told to, if they make a mistake with payments they do not care you still have to pay whatever the outcome to us. Please help.


  • carrie says:

    Sorry to hear of your plight! We had similar news about 18 months ago! If you are on speaking terms with the pwc ,she can phone & tell them she has received it . & put a stop to all this Ours wouldn’t as case is ongoing & she wouldn’t admit she received the money(despite EVERY bank statement & we have to pay it all again ! ) Our young son is not being given any real consideration by the CSA as we are struggling to manage.to live on what money is left in our home.They treat people they think are in arrears appallingly( like you got yourself in this mess by not paying- we didn’t -we paid pwc but she is not telling the truth & CSA are allowing her to get away with it !) Get your Data files for £10 & it will give you a insight how they have come to this conclusion& then you can contest it ! We have even got £50 consolatory payment from CSA taking over 14 months to tell us pwc has asked for case to be looked into. She didn’t say anything to us -so we paid what we always do every month none of which counts ! We had to have tribunal to have the children that lived with us then taken off the ‘arrears’ which they did but don’t forget we didn’t have arrears anyway so it was only a step in the right direction not exactly a victory. Got MP involved but CSA keep coming back with excuses..they seem to want it all their own way ….you cant get anything backdated but they can …most unfair ..they lose letters you send unless they are recorded and then they get lost internally Poorly trained staff that don’t understand the complicated rules..different types CSA1,CSA2,old rules ,new rules,CSA3 raising the qualifying age in Dec2012 to 20 years of age … It’s a total shambles!!
    Try & not get too stressed ,it is easy to say I know but I have been in similar situation.Nights spent reading the forums trying to get help can take over your life ..see I’m still doing it now ! Try & concentrate on your baby and enjoy this precious time together ,don’t let them take that away from you.!
    Contact your MP you are one of his constituents & they should try & help you as much as possible if they want your vote !The more about this useless agency that gets out into the open, in my opinion, the better.Then perhaps something can be done to help us!
    Regards ,Carrie

  • Pete says:

    Feel for you, welcome to the world if CSA lies deceit and fraud, I can only say that I feel and sympathise,
    I would email a complaint with all the evidence you have to prove that this was settled out of court, I can only advise you to join our Facebook group child support agency rip offs, were we can offer support and advice

  • gonk says:

    Karen Bedford
    where are you? why aint you offering any support or advise on this one? Oh yes that’s right..its another nrp

  • Lisa says:

    If they are claiming you owe massive amounts of money the first thing you need is data files, The demand to see a breakdown of the payments made by you back then, they have to provide the financial breakdown free, then get your MP on board, if you still have the closure letter that would help you so much, join the facebook group child support agency ripoffs, were fed up of this sort of thing, its happening everyday, seems they target the workers and let some men get away scot free, good luck,

  • chall says:


    What date did the CSA initially become involved?

    Did your OH have a maintenance order via the court or a private written agreement prior to the CSA becoming involved?

    Was your OH ex claiming benefits during the dates the alleged arrears accrued?

    Is it possible when the ‘out of court’ settlement was made, the remainder of the arrears were temporarily suspended by the CSA until a later date?

    Can you confirm if the closure letter your OH received from the CSA related to current maintenance liability?

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