We just want to be treated fairly after CSA mistake

September 1, 2014

Where again so we start with the CSA. My husband has been paying his ex wife since the 2005 with deduction of earnings. When he became ill in 2007 we contacted them to say he was on SSP within 2 weeks he had a phone call from CSA to say he had overpaid he was due £4047 refund and they wanted him to confirm his bank details to pay refund.

We were obliviously greatful for the refund but confused but they said they do not make mistakes !!! Oh but they do 2 years later they have decided they had made a mistake BUT we have to pay the money back.

I am still arguing over this I would like the whole amount written off but i have suggested that even if they reduced the debt by half would be a help BUT no they want it all back.

I am so anger as any other company this would not happen and as he has always been a deduction of earnings. How can this be our error in!!!

I am going through the complaints when i asked for a full written explanation, on what they have investigated. How the error came about was that the refund was right at the time but later investigation showed it was an error that’s it, no figures, no dates nothing.

I am taking it to another complaints department. If anyone has any advise for me it would be much appreciated i just want what is fair. Thanks.