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We have no contact with my husband’s son, so how do we know if he’s in education?

My husband has paid CSA for the past 10 years for his 11 yr old son. He has never missed a payment to his ex-wife. He does not see his son, ex-wife makes this impossible, for 5 yrs & he has no contact with either. We understand that CSA is paid until 20 yrs old if the child is in full-time education & mother is in receipt of Child Benefit.

As we do not have any contact, how can we find out if he says in full-time education & if his ex-wife is claiming child benefit. When he turns 16 yrs old, can we ask the CSA for a review? Also, my husband is due to leave the Army in 4yrs but we are uncertain if he has to pay her part of his pensionable lump sum? On divorce in 05 we paid her over £6000 for a clean break, which we understood meant her entitlement to his pension. Is this correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. She has no entitlement to his pension, and even if she did how would she know that he has received it? All kids now have to stay in education until they are 18, so you will need to pay up until this point, I would then suggest that you then try and contact him directly, social media websites like facebook and twitter are easy to use and find people.

  2. @ mel, you are quite right when you say it’s not her child but please keep in mind that this woman has supported her partner for 10 years+ so deserves a little respect…. She has every right to come on here and ask any questions she likes…. The female you should be slagging off is the mother who has prevented her child from having a relationship with his father!!! That is far more important than money!!!

  3. I have recently raised this point with my M.P.

    All non resident parents should be given proof of the educational status of their child fro aged 16 upwards.

    For all that you know, his son could be married with two children and working.

    Ask for proof from the Child benefit office that his mother qualifies for payment of Child benefit. If they investigate and find that Child Benefit should not be payable, then maintenance payments should stop!

  4. Should your husbands son still be in education when your husband comes out the Army, CSA will take his monthly pension amount into consideration as it is income. As for his lump sum, as long as its below £65000 (I think thats the figure they go by), if it is below this, then they do not touch it, as ours was below this amount and husbands ex tried to get some of it, but was told to do one by CSA!!!

  5. @ Mel N Tribe “money money money only seems to be on your mind…… you sound like you can’t wait for maintenance to end…. why don’t you let your husband deal with this himself….nosey woman….. that’s his child, not yours.
    wind your neck in..why the hell shouldn’t she be concerned and angry ?? they are married and part of a team.his money is her money,her money is his,they do things together and as a result this situation impacts on them both, and he has not seen his kid because of the ex. I think id be pretty pissed off if I was her. how dare you call her nosey,I cant believe your comment on thisAnd why the hell shouldn’t she be happy when the maintenance ends under the circumstances ??.

  6. My ex continued to claim child benifit even whe my 18 year old son was working , The Csa were inform from myself when my son started working but ever week I phone the same old story child benifit still getting payed so i was still due 200 quid a month . After numerous complaints getting my data prints and MP involved and my ex getting caught for benifit fraud wait for this one I was told from the Csa seinor complaints team we are sorry but as child benifit was payed out even if it was a result of fraud I still had to pay and no rabate was due to me , I was thousands out of pocket my relationship with my son at breaking point and my ex getting to pay back her child benifit fraud back at 5 quid a week and my 200 quid a week to help her ,The system is encouraging PWC to lie and encourage systematic benifit fraud!

  7. @ Macon ~ I am about to find out that my ex was lying in order to claim CB, as an investigation is on going. I got a letter stating that they will look at the impact on any monies that I may have to pay.

    So, it seems that I am going to be in the same position as you, where I am going to be a lot of money out of pocket.

    have you taken this any further with your M.P. or a solicitor,regarding benefit fraud and the rebate owed to you?

  8. John the best advice I can give you is get your MP involved mines was fantastic I never got my money back but I got a direct number to a seinor complaints officer who new her stuff got and got my case closed down and the idiot who threatened me with the jail and baliffs up at my door a warning for his conduct . I had my data protecton records doctored and have proof of this and this is in my MPs hands !

  9. John the complaint officer said sorry we know a fraud was committed but data protection prevents me from telling me from witch dates so unless its in the local papers and I have proof sorry but I was still due the money my MP couldn’t believe it I was just glad to get the Csa off my back but the data protection documents forged is another matter this is where there is proof and like I said my MP has a copy of it and I am waiting on his response !!!

  10. @Mel N Tribe you really are one vile spiecman of a human being…….. I have seen other comments you have made and you disgust me. Being a female you are a disgrace to the rest of us. Get a life and leave the decent people alone.

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