We had a private agreement but now she’s denying it – where do I stand?

December 30, 2013

had a privte agreement with my ex wife paid her throu my bank every month she has now told csa their was never an agreement and any monies paid was for petrol when she moved two hundred miles away with her new chap and they beleive her so now i could lose my home because of their imcompetance and two years of arears


  • Pete says:

    If you have a private agreement and you can prove that the amounts were for CM, you need to print off your bank statements and high light the payments you have made to the ex, also ensure you blank out all other relevant info your account number sort code etc etc, I would say come and join CSA ripp offs find us on face book, were you will get some sound advice

  • Harrysmate says:

    I found myself in a very similar situation. CSA would NOT accept bank statements as proof of payment under any circumstances.

    The fact my ex subsequently sold the matrimonial home and made a clear £70,000 profit (of which I was entitled to nothing) also counted for nowt. As far as I am concerned that represented a ‘gift’ from me of £35,000.

    Every time I argue a point with CSA they threaten me with Court. They’ve had me there twice previously and their spokesperson has simply bullshitted their way to get the decision they wanted. They accused me of not paying and yet I had the receipts for every payment I ever made into the CSA account. I wasn’t even allowed to show them to the court because I was told they were ‘not relevant’. If I wanted to appeal it would cost £500 which I simply do not/did not have.

    They are Government sponsored blackmailers. Simple as that.

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