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We are the CSA and the claim stops when we say so

On the 24/10/2008 I contacted the CSA to tell them I was starting a new job on the 01/11/2008.

I started work for them and they said they couldnt pay me in December 2008.but the owner would be back in January and would put money into the company and i would get my wages and exspenses which where just over £1,oo.

I phoned the CSA and told them they said we dont care pay the money .Jan 9th 2008 company went bust.phoned the csa they said youve still got to pay ! I filled a claim in to get my money back and recieved zero. At the end ofmarch2009 csa sent a statement to say I owed £2,400 . I rang csa and asked why they had continued to asses me when I had told them about the problem . Answer we are the csa and the claim stops when we say so ! I explained again and said I was claiming benifits ! Answer we dont care youll have to pay all of it!For 8 years sending me statements and ringing me up I stopped for 2 years because of this ! I have a letter dated13/12/2016 to say following the revision of the revised assessment on your case we have worked outthat £0.00 a week is payable from the 24/10/2008.

Farthers have committed suicide for less than this!
No compensation nothing!

One thought on “We are the CSA and the claim stops when we say so

  1. My advice to you is to download the call recording app on your mobile so that all calls to and from the CSA are recorded and if dealt unfairly raise a complaint to them about the calls and if you have no joy tell them that you will be taking the calls to a solictor.

    We all need to start taking action against the CSA and stand together.

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