Watchdog lambast the CSA

April 10, 2008

The Child Support Agency has come under fire from Watchdog because of its abject failure to collect the monies owed to children by absent parents.

The amount owed in Northern Ireland alone is £71 MILLION according the a report from the Public Accounts Committee at Stormont.

The CSA considers 58% of the £71 MILLION owed to be uncollectable, which is unacceptable.

John O’Doud, of the PAC said:

We have urged that the CSA does go out after the money, that they set higher targets – £1.5m of debt collection next year is not acceptable.

It is the committee’s view that this is sending out the message that if someone is assessed by the Agency for child maintenance they do not have to pay because it is unlikely that the Agency will collect it.

This is just the icing on the cake of course, because while the CSA has written off countless millions of pounds worth of debt, they’re also targeting absent parents who don’t owe the amounts they’re being forced to pay, in many cases causing bankruptcy.

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  • matthew says:

    my 3 children i live with are being forced into poverty by the csa… they want half of our tax credits for my ex partner with my 2 children ,, discusting goverment we have im affraid. my wife now wants to leave our home and go on her own back into a councill house and back on benifits which will cost the tax payer more .. we were given this advise by somone who has done this and are now better of and living better …. what a good idea .. so declare splitting up live appart have seperate claims ,, then the csa cant starve your kids that you live with to feed your exes kids with caviar .. or ex partner with new shoes and hair… we are just looking into it now as we have had enough

  • paul says:

    have you ever thought that the nrp simply does not have the stupid amounts of money they csa take from the nrp and i imagine the figure the csa have given are complete lies as most of the so called case workers are .too they feed you with rubbish & its no good appealing on a disition they have made because its simply not heard by anyone .& too right matthew you & your wife should do it for the sake of your own children .

  • John says:

    Guys I have been here before my self. there isnt anything you can do. were all slaves until the kids reach 19. perhaps contreception is seeming a good option. 🙂 think about it bear back is the CSA with a balaclava. bag up is an investment on the FTS100, FOrtune 500. cant lose. 🙂

    tell your boys to gear up for the future to spot devious women out for cash.

    other than this what can you guys do other than look for a fit woman with 3 kids. that gets CSA from her X to off set the loss plus if you move in your payments will drop with 3 kids be savi. always some solution if your fat and ugly get som gear hit the gym, get back in shape man up do somthing. ranting will only break your minds. I been there. not a good place. 🙂 best of luck.

  • Paul Gibbons says:

    Again this is all about money. Not a single care for the human situation people are put in. As long as the money is recouped. The CSA leaves me broke. I don’t have the money to see my kids anymore. I’m a depressed broken waste of space.

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