Very sad and frustrated

January 16, 2014

My son, who will be 18 in May is on a benefit and is also working part time. He brings in 600+ dollars a month. He pays board and fuel money wherever his mother drives him. He want’s a licence and his mother who is getting 900.17 a month from me says she can’t afford to pay for them because she gets nothing from me.

If my son gets the licence he will be put on full time and therefore her money will stop which is why I believe that she is not interested in supporting him in getting his licence.

I have spoken to CSA who seem completely unable to help. I know I can go for a change of assessment but that isn’t going to fly because half of his income is a benifit. Meanwhile she takes income from me, him, and Family Tax from the Govt.

I have had a Change of Assessment and she is up to her eyeballs in debt. I have a daughter as a part of the assessment as well and the kids get nothing. They have internet in the house but my son has to use a USB and pay his own way. With the money she is getting from me I could help set him up in my home but if I stop paying in order to do so I am a non payer and in trouble. I feel like I cant win. I just have to keep paying even though I can see neither of my children appear to be benefiting from it all … It makes me very sad and frustrated.


  • Bill says:

    In the U.K. once a young person is in receipt of a benefit they are no longer deemed to be a qualifying child and not entitled to child maintenance.

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