Useless CSA won’t talk to me but will take most of my money!

October 8, 2017

It’s kind of a long story that is a bit messed up, but I was with my ex for a good few years had my child early on so I’m a fairly young dad I’m now 24 my daughter is almost 2 years old and the visa seem to think I have arrears of over £3000 they say from my wages £50 a week should be paid to my ex I was paying her directly and no issues and I gave her more when she needed it and I was in full contact with her and my daughter.

I have some physical issues and mental health issues that I get no support for I work to keep myself motivated so I don’t lose my sanity then all of a sudden the csa are taking money from my wages and court costs on top then I lose my position at work due to not having enough to do what I need to get in to work I start only working a day or two a week and earn less and my metal and physical health start to get worse and end up getting into a rut with no way out.

I try to talk to the csa who tell me I can’t talk to them without a 4 digit pin I apparently set up with them this is the first time I have ever had contact with them as I haven’t needed to up to this point I don’t have a pin I say to the guy on the phone he says he will end the call and phone the mobile number on there system I tell him I haven’t called be for so I don’t have the number on the system he then says he will send a letter to help but I need to respond in 30 days or go through this process again ok I say 1 week later no letter I call again and go through this all once again still get no where wait another week still no letter.

I call this time not very happy and again same useless unclear unhelpful and rude call then to try to work and dust myself off first week back in work and I earn £301 the csa take £146 and think I can pay my rent my travel to work the food I need at home and at work for my 12 hour night shifts and nobody wants to help or give advice and I’m stuck in this position of back and forth and not getting anywhere and I’m expected to just accept this as ok and the disgusting thing here is all this because I’m a single male living alone nobody cares about us then we get painted out to be runaway dad’s as they call us.


  • David says:

    Hi Alex

    In view of your medical condition, this is something you certainly do not want to deal with on your own. You need help.

    Please note that the CMS can only deduct 12 per cent of your income (£36.12) for one child. The amount taken from your wages is too high. Even if the amount includes arrears, the maximum they can take is 40 per cent of your income (about £120 cased on £301 in your case).

    Your case needs to be seriously investigated and the CMS challenged urgently. If you need help then drop me a line at [email protected]. They are number of ways we can deal with your case which would be much better than your current situation.


  • rebecca says:

    Hello can you help me?
    I have 3 children with my ex. he has never paid despite working and not seeing his children ( his choice)
    Now for some reason csa are taking over 500 a month from my wages and wont even return my calls.
    apparently i owe him money as he was the parent with care???
    and they are saying i owe him 7000, he has already had 3 payments from my wages as they wont phone me back and my youngest child with him is now 17
    I still have a child aged 13 to support
    I have told my girls to ask dad for some money but he wont even give htem 5.
    I am fuming that he is getting my money in the first place when he has never even had my chidlren overnight
    what can i do?

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