Useless CSA don’t care about the hardship they put people in

November 7, 2017

The CSA are useless & robbing bastards & I don’t know where they get there figures from & are always on the mothers side and they cause a lot of unesesery stress to the father whos paying the maintenane.I’ve not had any contact with my 3 kids no thanks to my ex wife but im still expected to pay her nearly £300 a month still even though 2 of my kids have left school now.Its wrong and makes me skint every month & gets me down.And apparently I’m over £3000 in arrears with the CSA which I know I’m not but still have to pay it.I’ve been through enough stress with losing my lovely home & my 3 sons without the CSA & now child maintenance taking a big chunk of my wages from me each month.Its not fair & all wrong & I have so much hatred towards my ex wife because of all this & been down & depressed so many times because of it all but the CSA & child maintence don’t give a f**k about how its all affecting the father who going through all this shit.Makes me feel like just running away to another country & never coming bak.Like I said the CSA & child maintenance are useless & not seem to have a clue in what there doing


  • David says:

    Hi Terry

    it appears you have been paying excessive amounts in child maintenance. You need someone to look into this for you. It is also possible you can have your case reviewed if the CSA/CMS have not taken your stepchildren into account.

    In regards the arrears, you should never take the word of the CSA or CMS on this as it is possible the figures and fictitious and made up. You really need to look into this and challenge it.

    Finally, you can get access to your children through the courts. There is no correlation between the payment of child support and contact with children. This is unfortunate, however.

    You need help with all of the above and so I suggest you seek professional help with this and you can contact me in that regard by dropping me an email at [email protected]


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