Useless CSA are so unprofessional

September 9, 2015

I have had continued issues and upset with regards to Belfast CSA however when speaking to another CSA (UK) they were helpful and kind, I have been promised phone calls with nothing well over 20 times, have been given no or wrong information. I was not told they had a text service until I spoke to the UK CSA, I have been with the CSA for around 9 years in total, it was only unitl I went to my MP they took notice so I have been receiving money now for around a year. Recently my money had not gone into my account and was not told the reason for this after many times of calling the CSA it was only the last person I spoken to who gave me decent information and was nice to me. I dread each and every time I have to converse with Belfast staff, do they not enjoy there jobs? Im a mental health nurse and would never be so unprofessional towards others.


  • Lisa says:

    Why is it so many of you rely on this money! It shouldn’t be relied on because lifestyles change and so do employment issues! Maybe the csa haven’t got any money for you because your ex has no money ever thought of contacting your ex instead of bleeding him dry with csa?

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