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Ultimate CSA blunder

I divorced in 1999, everything sorted amicably. Paid my Ex wife directly monies to support our 2 kids. CSA not required agreement in place, which is the best way forward. I got a letter this week stating that monies would be deduct from my benefits for child support maintenance.

Both of my kids one is 20 in University, the second is 17 and working. Anyway contacted the CSA and asked for an explanation. They could not give me a valid answer. So I explained their service was not required as stated above. A review of the letter indicated that I would need to pay child maintenance until both my kids were in their mid 30’s. I spoke to a senior manager at the CSA and pointed out the complete incompetence. Furthermore if monies are being deducted, where is it going and to who ?

Anyway once cornered, he apologised and stated that this matter would be corrected and any monies deducted would be refunded plus an apology letter. Has anyone heard of anything so ludicrous.

I am completely dumbfounded are these the cock up’s happening at the CSA. Furthermore any delay on their part I have warned them that I will sue them.


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  1. These people are ‘out of control wheelclampers’! Such is the level of their incompetence they have to be shut down.

    The reason that you were targeted, was to earn a staff member their bonus and to meet their performance targets. They are out of control and do not have clue what they are doing.

    Please raise your case with your M.P., even if it is just a letter telling your M.P. what happened as this will continue to build a case to have the CSA shut down!

  2. Good luck. This seems parr for the course though. Question I have is how did they get their sticky little mitts into you in the first place? Surely they would only know about you if you or your ex asked them to get involved.Sounds like a fishing expedition to me – perhaps someone of your name has sired a child somewhere and the CSA has written to many blokes who share your name, on the offchance that they get their man.

  3. Money taken by the CSA is taken and KEPT by the CSA to pay salaries and bonuses. That's right NONE of the money taken is used for the purpose of Child Support! This is where the CSA is fundamentally flawed! ALL money that has been taken MUST be returned if they cannot provide evidence, receipts etc, showing that it has been spent on YOUR children!

  4. DON’T accept an apology.
    You WANT an explanation in writing as to how this ‘error’ occurred in the first place.
    You then go to the media.
    Because whilst the CSA waste time with people like yourself,parents with children who are desperate for money are not being dealt with.
    Personally I think this is a good example of British Public Sector Workers making work for themselves.
    Any one know what the CSA staff received in bonuses this year?

  5. Or he could just accept the apology and get on with his life and let the CSA deal with people who are having real problems with them, NRP’s and PWC’s. Just a suggestion.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. I have received a letter
    from the CSA that my case will be closed. Any monies taken from me
    will be refunded. On the other hand there is no apology, but words
    to the effect ” If you wish to use our services in the future we
    will be glad to help “. I don’t intend to re marry ever again, or
    have any more kids. What a load of old rubbish. I personally feel
    for all those who have had to deal with the CSA. My dealings with
    them has been a nightmare, dealings with their moronic staff, and
    coupled with arrogance. It’s enough to cause severe distress.
    Nevertheless the battle goes on…

  7. The OWC get the money……It goes into their bank. They should get fluff all. Greed

  8. I know the CSA can mess up royally and their attitude isn’t always the best, and I know that some advice on this website can be really helpful but SERIOUSLY, posting complete lies about the CSA “keeping” the money you pay is absolute nonsense and doesn’t help anyone. It’s absolutely not true, and from people I know who have worked there in the past, the whole bonus thing is nonsense as well. Maybe, like in every other organisation, the high up bosses get some decent sized bonuses but the regular caseworkers certainly don’t! A friend who worked there until recently had a good laugh at that particular comment, she said most of the people whose wages she investigated got paid way more than she did! Honestly some of you people just make stuff up to make yourselves feel better. It just makes you sound like an idiot.

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