Trying to reclaim Overpayment due to incorrect Assessment

April 21, 2012

For the last 5 years I have been trying to recover 6 months of CSA payments or get a variation for the initial period when I was still living with my ex-wife and children paying all the bills, mortgage, credit cards etc. The CSA says that I am liable for 3 children for the first six months, even though in addition to paying all household bills I was paying the boarding school fees for my eldest who left the marital home with me after these first 6 months to live elsewhere.

The CSA took me to court on 3 occasions to enforce the payment of these ‘arrears’ for this period, the court kicked them out on the final appearance. However they went ahead and placed a Deduction from Earnings on my governemt salary (guess I was a sitting duck).

Even though I have finally got a copy of the court papers where my ex-wife says that we did seperate 6 months later than the aforesaid period the CSA have maintained that because my ex-wife said that I left 6 months earlierthat was the date they were sticking too. Therefore they have recovered the full monies for 3 children for 6 months on top of all the food / household bills credit cards, bank loans, boarding school fees etc that I paid, (I have copies of every payment made for this 6 month period). This truly is a case where the ex-wife can have her cake and eat it baked by and delivered by the CSA.

Is is not good to see our taxes being wisely utilised by our own government body?!


  • sonia says:

    Write a complaint letter to CSA PO Box 30, Newtownabbey, BT58 1AF. Explain that you want to review your case due to the evidence supplied. If they dont look into it you can ask for an ICE (independent) to be used and that will get them thinking!! Also you can ask for your data protection file to be sent to you so you can see all the edvidence in your file.

    We did this and got our amount reduced from 12k to 4k and asked it to be re looked at or i wanted an ICE to take the case on and i ma awaiting the results!

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