Trying to deal with these CSA idiots is a challenge

May 19, 2014

Quite frankly the CSA is an absolute shambles. Having been trying to get my case re-assessed since Jan I can only conclude they are using their monumental levels of incompetence and stupidity in spade as a defense mechanism to hopefully force me to give up!

Even just calling these idiots is a challenge…my bank only asks me a set of security questions once, not the same questions twice!!! Its all downhill from there.

My 2 main issues are:

1. I have my kids well over 50% and have evidenced this with emails, texts and messages from my ex requesting I cover extra time with them. As a dad that loves his kids, I’ll never say no. But having phoned my ex, who has lied through her teeth, they have binned my evidence and sided with her. Anyone who has any ideas of how I can get them to take my facts, I’d appreciate it…??

2. So having been dumped in the upto 174 nights bracket and received a calc and booklet in the post I thought I’d apply their maths…which clearly states on page 19 in their example that…if you have the kids 2 nights a week then they take the weekly calc of say £100 and divide in by 7 and x by the number of nights you have them. That’s then your reduction.

My A level maths says that if I have my kids 174 nights, then I should have a reduction of 174/365 x £100. But because of their bracket system they take the lowest number…how nice of them…so they apply 156/365.


Did the 18 additional nights (which is actually more!) not count…are these like the side bread with the main meal??? If I’m not mistaken it’s an additional 10%…so over a year at £100 it would be £500+ and over 12 years its a good £6k….

Why am I expected to not give a shxt about this?

Add to it that I’m having to fight to get some of the child benefit…

Again over 12 years…having half of 2 kids payments…is another £9.3k i miss out on…

So that’s a cool £15k, I’m meant to just let slide.

In what world do these people live!!!!!!

Someone please help!!!


  • Bill says:

    It’s because the CSA and their computer system is very simple minded.
    They can only work in weekly amounts and think,
    1 overnight stay per week is equal 1/7 or 52 nights per year,
    2 overnight stays per week is equal to 2/7 or 104 nights per year,
    3 overnight stays per week is equal to 3/7 or 156 nights per year,
    4 overnight stays per week is equal to 4/7 or 208 nights per year which equals the PWC, so the NRP can never get a reduction of more than 3/7 from the weekly liability.
    There is no provision for irregular stays such as in school holidays and emergencies, etc.
    The system is too inflexible and should more geared to meet the needs of it’s clients.

  • jo says:

    I thought if the nrp and pwc had shared care then csa wouldn’t be able to open a case? Only advice I would suggest is see your mp with all your evidence that the csa have binned, seems csa only look into things when an mp is involved. Best of luck…..I would kill for my ex to be like you and take responsibility of the kids and I wouldn’t expect financial help on top of, what makes me sad to be a woman when you hear of women like these! Csa was set up to help chase the real deadbeats not hound decent nrps who already provide.

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