Treated like a criminal

June 15, 2015

Hi i have been dealing with the csa since my daughter was 4 ,,she is now 19 years of age about two year ago my case was finnished although i did get a letter saying the might come back for back dated monie as i just became self employed ..

So about three months ago i got a phone call from the csa asking to give some details ,,ie taxes returns ect so i had to get all the details and after a month and phone calls from them every other day i gave the information required any way a month ago i got yet another call from them asking for a payment ,so i said how much ,,he said how much can you afford ??? we agreed on £300 in which i paid ,i was asstounded to find out that they accessed my account ,,is this right??????,then two weeks ago yet another phone call asking me for more monie ,,i explained that i was waiting for a cheque to clear ,yesterday was the final straw ,i got a phone call asking me for the payment ,i explained i have had nothing in writing and did not know what i was paying for??????

I lost my temper after i was told if i did not pay it would go ti inforcements and either the following will happen they will put a order on my house the baylffes will be round to remove objects ,possible imprisoment ,i was told there is credit on my credit card ,pay with that ,,this is with out even them telling me the full amount i owe ,nothing in wrighting ,when asked how much i owe ,,they could not even tell me ,thy did not know ,we ended the phone call in not so nice way

15 mins later i then get another phone call ,telling me to pay ,i by this time feel a little bullied and all the concern was on me paying the debt ,,no arrangement in writing no tolirance in the was i was spoken to in fact very very rude

At the end of the day this is the senario i have had no letters from them ,only phone calls after two years you would think they would give me time to take the matter in ,not my fault its taken them so long ,and for me to see if in fact i do owe the money the child is now 19 ,i have also always said that if i owe the money i would pay ,,as i have been for 15 years ,,i belive the csa is a unjust force of people that would either be on patrol or in the nazi party if it was still going ,,i have been treated like a criminal and im trying to decide what to do next ,,because i dont need my family out in the streets do i ??????