Totally let down by the courts and CSA

January 8, 2014

I lost custody of my daughter last August. On 31st December I received a phone call from CSA informing me a claim for CSA had been made to pay £500 csa arrears and then £40 a month thereafter. I told them I couldn’t afford to pay that amount but they didn’t want to know. They advised me my wages would be arrested if I refused to pay.

I left my daughter’s father 3 years ago due to domestic abuse and was homeless and stayed in a women’s aid refuge for 6 months. I lost everything -my home and finances. I was not entitled to legal aid and have already paid around £5000 on legal fees. My ex husband has a family member who works in the legal profession and he has a top lawyer. Now that I have to pay maintenance I am unable to afford a solicitor.

My ex husband receives all child tax credits and child benefit but yet does not buy her any clothing. I have been buying her clothes on my credit card as I can’t bear to see her go without. I advised CSA of this and offered to send them receipts of all clothing I have bought for my daughter but they told me to discuss it with her father. This is a bit difficult as we were only communicating through solicitors and now I cannot afford the fees.

I should point out I have my daughter for 6 days a fortnight and am struggling to feed her and pay fuel bills etc when I have her. She has a disability and requires heating to be on constantly.

I feel totally let down by the courts and CSA. I feel they have not taken my circumstances into consideration. I have been to CAB and they advised me to get a new lawyer but I cannot afford this and have attempted to get a new lawyer but I am unable to find a lawyer to take on the case.

I now feel really desperate and have nowhere else to turn. I sometimes think I would be better off dead. My outgoings are now exceeding my income.


  • Douglas Macintyre says:

    I have 2 children I fully clothe one and food for the year for a cost of between 700_900 pounds how come the csa say my son is over 1100 a year?

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