Told the person dealing with my case doesn’t take calls

December 20, 2012

I checked my bank statement in january this year to realise that a payment from csa had not came through. then realised id got no money since may 2011 and of course they hadnt told me this! i phoned them and wasnt even given a reason as to why they didnt tell me. a parent should never have to tell the csa themselves!

I was given a case worker and provided him with my ex’s mobile number and new address, which i have proof of (ex had given csa a diff address to trick them)

In may 2012 (A YEAR LATER) i told my case worker i had had enough and he said he would pass my case on to the Benefit team as they might have more luck. A few weeks later i asked to speak to the girl who is now dealing with my case to be told that she doesnt take calls, and will contact me when she has info or needs info. Well i think we all know where that will get me – NOWHERE!

Csa is just a circle of “case workers” passing the buck. i dont know what they get paid to do as they clearly dont care about parents or childrens rights.


  • wilf says:

    Andrea:- No, it is your responsibility to check whether your payments have been received or not.
    Sounds as though your ex is in receipt of benefits and that is why payments stopped.
    If you had contacted the CSA earlier they might have dealt with it sooner. Not quicker because everybody is aware the CSA take ages to implement changes especially when one or more parties are giving them the run around and not keeping them informed of relevant changes of circumstance.

  • chall says:


    Have you escalated your case to a clearly marked complaint, in an effort to find out what is happening?


  • Foreverskint says:


    Good luck with tracking your ex down and getting him to pay for his child(ren). It’s shocking that the CSA can’t track him down, bearing in mind they are now run by the DWP and have access to earnings via HMRC….this is precisely what they’re there for, instead they cripple those that do and want to pay for their children. Your ex sounds like a complete tool .

    Good luck, cos your child(ren) deserve it.

  • Foreverskint says:

    Alice, where are you when you’re needed??!!!

  • stuart says:

    Alice, where are you when you’re needed??!!!

    She only appears when she likes the question not when the CSA are in a bad light.

    She also has to blame everyone but the CSA for the problem but the CSA do not publish or tell you the rules

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