Three years of fighting the CSA and all I got was stress

November 20, 2013

I opened the case in October 2010, because I couldn’t trust my child’s father what so ever. Got a total of 7 payments in total. Had constant problems csas blaming the father for refusing to pay. The fathers blaming csa. Every time I contacted csa I was promised call backs, the matter to be resolved in so many days but no. I had enough for 2 years now every time I’ve had a problem, I contacted my local mp (6 times). Every time the matter got dealt with that day or 48 hours. Amazing eh?! As soon as a government bodies involved they jump right to it.

Anyway in the last 3 years my child’s father has had the total of 9 jobs and paid off every one of them in the matter 3-6 months – how is this possible? Bad luck or just a coincidence that csa catches up to him to pay for his child?

Since having my child I have worked and studied to provide got into debt because bills just keep building up no matter how much I pay them – my child’s needs always come first.

This year my child’s father was working and getting more than an average wage. Refused to pay a penny even though there was over £3000 worth of arrears on csa system. For the 6 months he was working, the first payment was missed… I contacted my mp – dealt with it in 24 hours and advised me csa would be getting a payment due 10 days later due to the payment dates being changed. 10 days later – no payment. Contacted my mp again who put my complaint into the complaints team due to the so call rules and regulations of csa if a payment is missed they would contact the parent to get a payment within 7 days if not a DEO would be applied. Did the complaints team do this? Did they F*** instead I got told we will do it next time but it should have been done a long time ago and even got called a liar.

Took the complaints team over a month to deal with my complaint when the timescale is 15 days. I had a total of 5 missed payments it wasn’t until the 5th it took the complaints review team to actually put on a DEO when the complaints team said it should have been done a longggggg time ago.

I contacted the Independent case examiners as csa have said it was either an error or maladadministration. ICE advised me they will contact me the end of this month with an update and there may be a chance I have to go to mediation with CSA. I can’t see this happening to be honest. Due to error or maladministration its put me in debt and costing me my house now so thanks csa.

Every time he refused a payment it was the same snide answers I got “that’s what you get tax credits for…. Why should I pay u x amount when my sister or friend gets this amount….. The latest one was well u got x amount in ur bank account last month, why should i put money in ur account for u to spend it on ur self!!” I fucking wish I could spend money on myself but no my child always comes first.

This month a payment was due on the 1st . I called the 1st, 2nd and 4th November.
On the 1st and 2nd I was told to call back the nxt day as there was no payment there. The 4th I got told my child’s father phoned on the 1st to tell csa he’s no longer working and got paid off – amazing wasting my phone bill yet again CSA. why not tell me this on the 1st?? I had enough of the lies and getting messed about I closed the account and wiped off the arrears.
Well this took 6 calls – for some reason I think csa have targets about closing accounts where they have to avoid closing account or avoid doing there fucking job!!
The best call I got was from the complex team. Who exactly are they?! They deal with complex cases like DNA.

This person who my child calls daddy apparently can’t afford to pay for his child and face up to responsibilities, when he still stays with his parents and has no responsibilities whatsoever. When I have my child 24/7, have to pay nursery fees, have to work / study for a better future for me and my child, have bills and house to pay for. He can’t afford to pay for his child yet he can afford to go on holiday to Tunisia with his gf and buy her engagement rings.

Least I know where his priorities lie and I can honestly hold my head up higher than ever and say my priorities lie with my child and will always come first no matter what.

I actually don’t know who’s worse the scum that is csa or my child’s scummy father.

So I would love to ask csa is it fair that the parents with care have to pay the costs for their mistakes? Is it fair there are more hard working parents like myself going into poverty? Is it fair I’m losing my house, the roof over my child’s head?

Will I get the same answer to my many questions I’ve got time and time before… “I can’t comment on that, I can only talk about the case in hand.” Well csa the case in hand is that due to ur error or maladministration you’ve failed many parents.


  • fat slag hater says:

    no fucking wonder he pissed off and left you you sound like a right gobshite mp this gimmmeeee money that, have you ever considered that dads all over the land are stopped from seeing their kids by scum like you they have lost their houses driving licence s and passports and jobs because of scum like you they have kids to new wives who lose out because of scum kike you and you cry poverty do me a fucking favour lose some weight get a new msn and look after yourself you fucking leech. bitter and twisted psycho …. you are all the same me me me me me me me. . you make me sick

  • jo says:

    I was left with two kids and no offense just got on with it…you can’t get blood out of a stone, if the childs father doesn’t want to pay up then he won’t and keeping on at the csa won’t make it happen.

    My ex has job hopped, changed his name etc etc but that’s his problem not mine and I don’t rely on getting anything from him. If you’ve got yourself into debt then thats your problem, can’t blame kids or your ex if you can’t budget. Are you claiming everything your entitled to? I work, had to pay nursery fees, rent etc but was never in dire straights because I had no maintenance and csa do state that its not to be relied on because circumstances change.

  • Starz29 says:

    at the end of the day if parents want to see there children they should be providing and putting there child first!! That’s what I have to do every day of my life and will continue to do!! And I will fight every day for what my child is entitled to!! The dads that don’t do it deserve everything that’s coming to them!!
    u better wish I never meet u!! u little rat!! Calling my child a leech is the lowest of the the low!! I hope to god u don’t have children! U make me sick Uve never saw me cos one thing is am not fat!! Sad little troll!! Who fucking knew trolls where adults as well fucking creep!! And FYI he pissed off cos he didn’t want to face the responsibility of a child

    Jo I’ve had to get on with it for the past 3 years. I’ve had to pay off what I owed for my house with my student loan and have to live off less than £10 a week the now until my next student loan comes through!

  • jo says:

    I will disagree with your first line, I’d sooner my childrens dad have contact with his kids than his money. Children are not pay for view. All children need is stability and time, if your child’s father is not prepared to be that then like me you’re better off without him and his money.

    You put your child first, which of course you should do, its what being a mum is about.

    Women like men should be responsible for whom they have children with, my ex wasn’t prepared to be a dad yet it was
    my choice to have children with him, hindsight is a great thing but I don’t regret my children and yes I’ve struggled but knowing I’ve done it alone gives me much more pride and self respect unlike their dad who chose to walk away, he will have to live with the consequences.

    Csa are only set up like a collection agency, if they don’t get any money then you don’t get any money….keeping on at them will make your case go clerical and then you’ll be dealing with Bolton office who will make it 10 times worse. If there has been a maladministration let ICE finish their investigation, you might find they back the csa as they’re all interlocked. Also if your ex keeps going on benefits arrears don’t accumulate and no enforcement will be lodged plus it holds up claims as they have to start again when a change of circumstance goes in.

    Enjoy your child and make sure you are getting all that you are entitled to as a single parent minus child support.

  • John says:

    Agree with some sentiments from Jo.

    The whole problem is the CSA interfering between couples on the pretence that they are acting in the best interests of the child/children. Absolutely NOT, they are interfering in order to recycle benefits and demonise and criminalise parents who do care for their children, but are being made out to be the pariahs of society.

    The real pariahs of society are the politicians and civil servants, who are in it for themselves, to embezzle money, at the parents expense.

  • Starz29 says:

    I’ve finished with CSA for life. My child is far more worth my time and attention than contacting this bunch of worthless scumbags.

    As for the independent case examiners I’m so glad I contacted them regarding this issue as I never wish any parent to go through the stress I went through. Not only have they took on my case, the caseworker was far from being on CSAs side he saw exactly what I had been going through, I explained everything from day 1. he asked me what I wanted to do… I just said I wanted everyone to be aware of what the stress these people put on a parent not just a parent with care, I’d hate to think what they done to a non residential parent with care who actually wanted to play a part in their child’s life. And he went well we can do that plus get you compensation for what you’ve been through, the money you have lost, the fact your out of pocket and have been for so long. They are trying to get the arrears back with interest.

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