Threatened with an interim assessment by the CSA

October 12, 2011

CSA have just sent me a letter threatening me with an “interim assessment” if I do not give details of my partners earnings. She does not live with me. They have decided she does.

I have tried to work out what difference it would make but am stuck on the question of “protected earnings” and whether her income is included in my “assessable income” because if it is, she would end up paying for my child, wouldnt she? I have been told by the CSA it makes no difference what her earnings are, but it must.

If not, why ask for them?And yes, I know that if she does not live with me they cannot get her, but if she moves in, they will.


  • joanne shier says:

    They tell you one thing and do another. And if your partner isn’t living with you, then no you do not need to include her income, sounds odd that they are asking for it? I feel exactly the same, I live with an nrp and do not feel I should have to pay for my partners children, when a) the ex has her money for her to live b) I have money for MY children to support them. If she had a new partner his income doesn’t come into play? Why? Good luck, don’t fall for any scare tactics and get it all in writing, never diverse over the phone.

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