This law that allows a woman to tell her partner to leave his own house is evil

July 8, 2013

my ex was shagging around with my mate,cousin,and others and brother and then my lad caught her in bed with someone when he was 2 n half and told me that mummy was in dads big bed with a man right next to the cot with my 3 month old daughter slept , who she was breast feeding….. my point is …why the fcuk should i pay maintainance for my kids when i was the one who was told to leave the family home and to take nothing apart from my clothes while she moved him in more or less that week that i left.

I have been fcuked about by her ever since with access to my kids , ffs she tells then lies about me and genrally tells them that i am scum ….csa is state run victimisation ….another man stepped into my shoes and shags the woman i loved and sees my kids everyday so let him pay for them as he does …why should i pay as well ….i was told to fcuk off and leave the house and the police made me because she no longer wanted me there….it was my home …but i couldnt take my kids with me or anything else ….i would have my kids living with me this second if the law let me but it is a joke on the man and then he has to pay to keep another man with his ex in wine and fags

My kids get what they need round mine and i spend money on them …but she threatens me every now and again when she sees me with my new partner and wont let me see them unless i pay her money …thats blackmail …. im forced to go self employed now …this law that allows a woman to tell a partner to fcuk off out of his own house and have another bloke move in with his family is evil , and then to hound him for money and make him quit work because he cant afford to live , well im just hard done by and im pissed off with it .. i know she wants me dead and gone from the face of the earth so i dont have to interfere with here new life and there are alot like that out there and the government support the bitches …jeezus


  • Jo says:

    Sounds like my husbands ex….it is pure vindictiveness! Hope karma pays a big visit and hurry up about it.

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