This is what I got when I complained about the CSA fixing files

June 15, 2013

Well just had my reply to my case closed complaint, I thought it was going to be interesting reading but basically its just a very compact one and a half pages of years of csa excuses.
1)In March 1995 we asked you to provide details of your circumstances, we did not receive information to complete a calculation on your case.

If the non resident parent does not give us the information we need to work out how much child maintenance must be paid, you did not respond so we can make an interim maintenance assessment of £118.14 (So can you believe the csa DONT keep records of disappearing paperwork, so this means their interim assessment is the only option) The c.s.a also know that when your paperwork disappears that your going to complain which will take months and at £118.14 it doesn’t take long for the arrears to ROCKET.

2)On April 2000 we received SOME of the information required to recalculate how much you should pay, wait for it, But HOWEVER we DECIDED not to review your interim assessment as you DID NOT supply all details requested.

So 1995 to 2000 can you believe that post mans still AWOL with all those 5 separately sent documents that were needed to complete my assessment, I’m left thinking well what’s he playing at.
and me calculator froze and couldn’t get my payment down from £118.14 per week.

You subsequently provided missing information in June 2000 REGRETABLY this information was not taken into account until 2001 we calculated that you should pay £65.24 per can you believe it took from 1995 to 2001 of separately sent missing paper work to get one winning ticket to complete my assessment.

We were only able to replace the interim assessment from June 2000 when missing paperwork was received, you could of knocked me down with a feather when I read the postman had made it bet he got a good grilling off his wife when he got home, like where have you been since 1995.

3) you have not always paid full this being the £118.14 per week while your sorting your complaint out, maintenance and we applied for a liability order of £8759.24 this is what complaining gets you a liability order.

4)the second liability order was for £4133.41 and covers the period March 2000 to September 2003, yes these are the phantom arrears when my case closed the first time.

5)You are also concerned that you did not receive any paperwork from the agency prior to the 2nd liability order Ha Ha yes OUR RECORDS show that details of calculations and requests for payment have regularly been sent to you Can you believe that postman goes AWOL both ways he’s got a lot to answer for.

5)You have advised that you agreed with the agency to pay £40 a month towards these arrears on top of your regular maintenance Our records show that in Jul 2004 WE REACHED AN AGREEMENT with you to make payments of £80 per month to wards this dept.

Yes this is was over the phone and as we all know what really happens is “I cant afford to pay anymore than £40 per month off arrears, then you get the famous csa come in your breaking up, are we’ve lost him, put him down for double this is what they call agreed

6)Would you believe the csa state that liability orders can only be awarded by a judge,see you learn something every day but they just fall short of stating but if the arrears are high enough they can also be automatic As for our records show well I’d like to get a look in their records office I bet its full of Buddy holly & the beetles etc

So to cut a long story short I bet reading these csa replies is like reading your own case so this is what I got when I accused the csa through my M.P of fixing files yes they through a tantram


  • Sue says:

    Stop been a prat and send them the info from 1995 -2000 again. Drop it off at he local job centre and get a receipt if you like but unless they have the info they can’t do anything.

  • Gary says:


    Yeah like the prat bit, been a while since I’ve been called one of them

    Left thinking she’s got to be blonde or cant read, if you read it properly and it was able to sink in, my case is TOTALLY FINISHED NOW.
    Oh and just in case you havn’t noticed its 2013 so paperwork from 1995-2000 isn’t going to have much impact, especially when ones case is now closed but was just having my say before I went and what’s above was the csa reply as usual full of shit

    Obviously you must be new to the csa or work for them because as everyone else KNOW’S it doesn’t matter what you send the csa or how many times you send it its never received so no point getting a receipt for it either.

    I would howeverlike to thank you though you’ve just reminded me why I prefer to live on my own these days, so that I don’t have to listen to brain dead suggestions like that 24-7 and from now on what’s mine stays mine, I’ve got it made now

  • Lisa says:

    We are all having problems with these wankers, its about time we had our voice heard, lets all get our small groups together as one big one and let them know were not being pushed around anymore,

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