This is benefit fraud – what can I do?

July 6, 2013

My daughter moved out to live with another family 2 years ago. Which is the parents of her boyfriend. The other family has been claiming CSA for a year and a half.

My daughter recently moved out with her boyfriend and the family are still claiming CSA and child benefits for her. CSA say “as long as they are still claiming Child Benefits they can still claim CSA”. This is a joke, the family are frauds! I have called Benefit Fraud but they are still being paid. What can I do?


  • Lisa says:

    Get the address of the child and boyfriend and report again, csa have an obligation to investigate this, thoigh dont expect any refund the csa are useless

  • Jason M says:

    Absolutly nothing… Even if you write to the Chold Benefit agency, they will state the ‘DATA PROTECTION ACT’.

    The CSA comeback with “If they are in receipt of CB…..BLAH BLAH fooooking BLAH”

    Basically we are all F****d!

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