This hopeless organisation does nothing but criminalise single parents

June 3, 2013

I’ve been waiting 3 days for a phone call that was promised would be made to me in order to set up as direct debit as I’ve just started as new job.

This defunct and hopeless organisation does nothing but criminalise single parents and treats them with disdain eventually called me but then proceeded to put the phone down on me as apparently I’d failed security screening! I’ve been stuck with CSA for 3 years and the this is the first time I’ve failed security.

When I wasted my own precious time and money on calling their 0845 number, I was not given any explanation as to the ‘security failure’ and the rudeness demonstrated by the pimple faced teenager that must have taken my call. I am sick and tired of this bloated, ancient (in all senses) and anti single parent organisation.

Oh, I’m still waiting to speak to someone in order to set up this direct debit. Frankly, we as a nation are failing our children.


  • eddie says:

    think tht the above 2 comments sum up the attrocity that is the CSA… If anyone is London way and is interested in trying to do something about this abuse contact [email protected]…. its time will come.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    As above NEVER set up a direct debit.. Standing order only.. you then have control.. Also if you are not paying and you know how much you should be paying, put this money to one side so when they get their arse into gear you are not left with huge arrears to pay off..

  • rui says:

    I called the CSA this pm in order to set up a payment plan. As advised by many people on this site, I told them I wanted to set up a standing order…I was quickly told I could only set up a direct debit. Is this true? Would appreciate any advice, comments.

  • David says:

    They told me the same Rui….I complained and told them I wasnt doing this as I didnt want them to have my details….I got through to their complaints and they told me not to leave any spaces in the standing order as it would not be recognised when it was received…now work it out…are you allowed?? I also told their useless staff member that I had always paid with standing order, so what was the problem now…I never got this answered

    Seems they are telling everybody one thing then its something different in the end

  • rui says:

    Thanks David…I spoke to a staff member yesterday ref paying by standing order. I was told this is not allowed and has never happened before! I insisted and asked for the SO details. She again said it has to be via direct debit and if I refuse, they (CSA) will take it directly from my employer. No choice then. It has been a whole month wasted as I attempt to get maintenance across to my children’s mum. This just drags on and on to the detriment of our children. Shame on csa!!

  • Lisa says:

    Child support agency account details, are as follows
    CSA Client Fund 40-34-18 41775448 alway add national insurance number and case number where possible as ref, good luck

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