They’ve worked out a figure without considering our bills

June 13, 2015

We used to have my stepson every weekend, extra time in school holidays, paid mainainence every week, bought clothes, paid half for school uniform as his mother only accepted expensive clothing, paid half for school trips, took him on holiday, bought him more for xmas and birthdays than our other children got. evrytime we didnt do something his mother wanted she would stop our contact.

It all happened again just under 3 years ago, but this time my stepson decided he didnt want contact with myself or his siblings, he just wanted to see his dad on his own, my part-ner explained that it wouldnt be fair on the other children as he works full time and only gets weekends to spend with them properly and that he didnt have to see me if he didnt want to but would he meet him and the other children together, he refused. we heard nothing from him again.

The beginning of this month the csa have got in touch saying that my stepsons mother wants maintainence, so fair enough we are happy to pay, until we found out that the csa want part of the child tax credit that i get for my children in the house with us, the money that the government say we need on top of my partners wages. and also the have told us they wantmore money than we can afford as they dont seem to take into account that we have 5 children here, not 3 or more, the children are individuals, 1 of the children is mine from a previous relationship that we dont claim or receive mainainence for. and the amount of money is going to end up tearing my famiy apart as we cant afford the amount we have been told. the csa also havent taken into account the money that we have to pay out as general bills and living expenses e.g. rent council tax food, gas, electric etc. they have decided on a figure before we have paid any bills out


  • jo says:

    I’m pretty sure with new claims in with csa tax credits should not be used in their assessment? I’d query this with them, look on their website to see where you stand with this. I totally agree that any additional help from government shouldn’t be taken.

  • eve32 says:

    I’m pretty sure too the child maintenance scheme do not include child tax credits as income. Is the case with the CSA?

  • Mariah says:

    Working tax credit is part of your overall household income so will be included in any assessment – utility bills are not taken into account as CM should be your priority

  • Mariah says:

    Child tax credits are also counted in……..

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