They’ve overpayed my because my ex was off work sick – should I have to give it back?

October 7, 2013

My ex has been off work sick for 18 months now, 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay – the csa did a re assesment and the payments to me halved. I have today been informed that he is now claiming Industrial injury benefit and I am entitled to £5 per week – however they have overpayed me by £700 as he has been claiming benefits since sept 2012.

Is this right that because he has been claiming benefit he didnt have to pay the money direct from his salary that the csa calculated and I have to pay it back?. It hardly seems fair he is a senior police officer so earns plenty of money.


  • Adrian says:

    Yes you have to pay it back. You are not entitled to it. That’s the csa for you. Make lots of mistakes and we as parents pay the price for it. You could offer them £5 per week though and because of who the csa are they could accept it but I wouldn’t bank on it

  • Llewis says:

    Hope they do make you pay it back. Doubt it tho. They usually only make the one who pays suffer.

    And what right do you have to discuss his type of job and money he makes on a website. I recommend he gets in touch with a solicitor BECAUSE IT’S NOBODY’S BUSINESS BUT HIS OWN! You stupid, greedy woman, Claire Bolam.

  • Lisa says:

    Yes you will be made to pay it back, because you took vital money that he needed to live on they will make you pay every penny less the £5 weekly which should have been your assessment regardless of whether he told them or not he has proved he overpaid you and now you have to return it to him, that’s the law, think yourself lucky CSA aren’t taking you to court for the overpayment via liability order

  • Bella says:

    How selfish! Regardless of what he earns his disposable income will have dramatically dropped, he may even be struggling to cover his bills and you are sulking about ‘your’ money!

  • claire bolam says:

    To all you arseholes above, Bella, Lisa, Steven, Llewis and Kev… For your information ‘KEV’ – I have a job and I work bloody hard to bring up my daughter and I look after her well, its not me sponging its my ex!!! he’s the tramp that sleeps around and now expects all the tax payers to pay for him! You should get a life and stop hanging around sites like this being a disgrace to people who are really suffering – you’re nothing but a DIRTY SCUMMY TROLL!. ‘BELLA’, Im not selfish, Im just fighting for what my daughter is entitled too, he will be paid over £100k tax free as a pension pay off very shortly, still believe he is suffering?!!. As it happens it was a CSA mistake and I owe nothing!! He had to pay his daughter money as he was still earning!!! He now owes me over £250 plus the £5 a week!!!!. ‘STEVEN CRAIG’ you haven’t got a bloody clue!!! – Your Mum will have claimed Child Benefit when you were small for you, its just the same, as I said before its my ex who is ripping off tax payers (which I am) not ME!!!. DICK!!!!!. and ‘LLEWIS’ – what a KNOB you are, words cant describe the sort of creature you are – what do you know about anything!! what a complete waste of space you are. Totally clueless about others situations, just here to jibe and be vindictive… hope you rot!.. I was asking for simple advice not insults and vile comments… AS I SAID – I OWE THE CSA NOTHING!!!!!! THEY GOT IT WRONG!!!!! SO UP YOURS!!!! LOSERS

  • Lisa says:

    They got it wrong, I have heard that more times than I care to remember, enjoy paying back what you weren’t entitled to!!!!!

  • claire bolam says:

    its true though LISA – he had to pay £5 plus the money he was earning… so he owed me in the end rather than the other way round, I involved my local MP and it got sorted… end of!! happy as…… unlucky

  • Lisa says:

    All cases are closing soon anyway so the only unlucky people will be the greedy mums who desperately need the money just to punish the dad, I can’t wait for closure lets see how quick access is given back to dad then and begging him for private agreements just for what they are losing, poetic justice me thinks

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