They’ve admitted the mistake – can I get the ruling overturned?

September 4, 2013

In April this year I requested a breakdown of how much I had left in arrears.

There was some light at the end of the tunnel. The arrears were to be cleared by December 2013.

I was contacted by a worker at the Bolton Office and she sent me a breakdown of the monthly amount I needed to now pay The worker assured me that this was correct and that the account had been double checked by her manager. In fact she sent me a revised letter altering one months payment which I duly action’d.

On 27th August 2013 , I received a call from a rude worker at CSA Bolton informing me that there was arrears on my account and that I was required to pay £300 straight away. I explained that there were no arrears on my account at all and that I had requested a review in April 2013 and went on to explain the above. worker said to me ” that assessment was wrong” I informed him I was assured that it was right. Worker went on to say “Disregard that assessment the previous worker doesn’t work for us anymore. You now owe us arrears. I asked him to confirm that the CSA had made an error. He replied “Yes”

This Morning 31st August 2013 I have received a breakdown of the revised amount which has left me dumbstruck. I am struggling to pay my basic living costs as it is.

The amounts that increased are as follows, I have attached copies of all the statements from April and August 2013

They want £250 a month extra for the next 4 months

Can I get this ruling overturned as they have admitted this mistake ?


  • Pete says:

    Typical of Bolton office another office full of fraudulant scum bag wankers sluts, I would make a formal complaint name and shame the arse hole worker, Sounds like fraud to me, Matbe the scum worker will pocket your hard earned cash, Its nothing new, Plymouth do it Falkirk do it so looks like bolton are following the fraud lead,

  • John says:

    Pete is right, make a complaint to the Independent Case Examiner, and if it were me to the Chief Executives office, naming the wanker who is hiding in an office and giving you shit.

    If you find any fraudulent activity, get advice from the police.

    Don’t speak to them on the phone get everything in writing as evidence, and get your M.P. involved to scare them shitless!

  • Someone says:

    CSA Bolton deal with clerical cases (electronic system failures etc so must be worked manually), unfortunately this increases the amount of errors quite a lot, which is understandable.

    You received a full account breakdown…was it accurate? If so, then the previous caseworker was unfortunately wrong and you owe the money, no getting around that fact. If however it’s either incorrect (or perhaps even incomplete) you should question that.

    Also, you receive a maintenance calculation everytime a re-assessment is done, be sure they are not breeching your current 40% of income limit.

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