They’re taking my wages for a child I’ve never seen

November 30, 2013

csa are now taking money from my wages for a child I have never seen and im not on the birth certificate.mother of the child refused a dna test in 2004 but csa have told me they can presume im the father until I prove otherwise.i have no idea where the mother lives but csa are demanding 5k in backpayments.


  • Pb says:

    Demand a DNA test from the CSA. And keep demanding and complaining until they give u one. U have a right to be believed as much as te parent with care

  • jo says:

    Did the pwc refuse the dna through the csa? If she did then your case should have been closed, if not you are entitled to a dna test so keep on at them. Might be worth writing a letter or emailing a complaint to them and see your mp asap outling thst you are being refused a test.

  • Adrian says:

    Yet another example of how the law is a sham
    I thought the system said innocent untill proven guilty. Human rights law be a good place to start and demand a DNA test they can’t refuse you really

  • anon says:

    Did you accept parentage at the outset of the case? If so, the CSA are under no obligation to fulfill your request for a DNA test through them, and should signpost you accordingly. The fact that the case is up and running would suggest that you either accepted parentage or failed to respond to maintenance enquiry form, meaning parentage was presumed.

    Here is a leaflet on disputed parentage:

    Alternatively, you can apply direct to the court for a declaration of non-parentage under section 55A of the Family Law Act 1986.

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