They’re taking money they’ve already had

March 24, 2014

Hi im in need off help i have paid maintenence for my son since 2007 through the csa i by paid direct debit to the csa. in 2009 i revived a letter from them asking for me to stop my diret debit because off a technical issue on my ex partners bank account.

Turns out she had had to declare bancruptsy and no longer had a bank account. my ex partner then told me she was owed 1520.00 of the csa because they had no where to pay the money. i suggested we do a private arrangement and i pay her by postal order every month which we did. six months later she started asking for cash payments which i wasn’t willing to do ss i then have no proof i have paid her so we went back through the csa. turns out they could have paid her through a giro but didn’t. so everyone happy situation back to normal at least i thought.

then in 2012 i recived a letter from the csa saying i owe 1520.00 in arrears and they were taking this from my wages by a doa. shocked by this cause i have never missed a payment i rang the csa they could not tell me where the arrears were from and asked me to send in my bank statements as a back up. i did this they stopped the doa everything fine and dandy!!! yeah right i wish. i have now recived a later dated feb 2014 saying guess what i owe 1520,00 arrears. i have rang them and they still can’t explain where the arrears are from but this time they won’t stop the doa. can any one offer advise as i don’t know what to do any more. basically the csa are taking money they have already had and i can’t stop it help.


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  1. Becca Bee Preorder on March 24th, 2014 1:41 pm

    go to aq lawyer mate they be able to fix it

  2. Becca Bee Preorder on March 24th, 2014 1:41 pm

    a * or MP if their any good

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